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  1. I like the missions, which can be set by the SL, but dropping stuff as a reward would really really suck. It's unrealistic and too much arcade.
  2. Medals for good squad members: A squad leader should be able to honor one person in his squad for being a good squad member! This should happen in the end of the game and also be visible for the whole server. This would increase the teamplay within the squad and motivate soldiers Rate your squad leader: Every squad member should be able to rate the squad leader in the end (1-5 stars). The result should be visible in the end of the game If you vote for this, be fair and vote for the first point too. This will give both sides a chance to rate. Especially if you don't play squad leader Carrying a GPS-Map: To look at the map, you do a quick animation. This would be more realistic - instead of pressing M to open the map out of battle. Also it should be possible to draw on the map (GPS) for squad leaders to set up strategies. Red lines are visible for squad leaders, green lines are visible for the squad. This will increase the team aspect of the game. Some might say you will see dicks all over the map, but this will not be the case - since a squad leader can only draw for his squad or for the other squad leaders. Also squad leaders can remove markers.