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  1. Teleportation Command/ Tool

    The way the functionality worked for us in Ro2 was it was attached to a mutator. The mutator would be enabled and would allow for teleportation by any player, admins could also use commands to teleport the entire team to a given location, once we set the mutator to 'Live' no players could respawn/ teleport. In squad we already have the rally system which is great, to me the next step would be allowing squad leaders to instantly drop to where they need to be and then place the rally for their squad mates. So now that you mention it keeping this as an admin tool so it can't be abused by players who would otherwise try to, would be a good idea. I'll consider making a post, thanks for your input.
  2. Teleportation Command/ Tool

    Bumping. With the recent public endorsement of Squad Ops, this tool would serve to help communities such as squad ops run smoother events by cutting down on the set up time before the briefing and shooting begins. Again, any and all thoughts and advice are welcome. Just try to keep it constructive, thanks. - TheMcDougl
  3. The shared ban list is garbage.

    Their should be a global ban only if they have been banned on several servers. 5 or more, that would cut down on trolls and limit situations like Op has explained.
  4. Teleportation Command/ Tool

    What what means, one life scenario? Instead of respawns you are limited to one life, often times in these scenarios we make custom objectives and starting locations. To have the ability to instantly move to any location on the map before the event goes 'live' would cut down on set up times. The functionality does already exist in the form I stated in my OP "I am aware the ability to teleport is somewhat available in the firing range ( attached to the admin cam )". You can try this out for yourself, shift+P then move around then shift+P again and your player model should drop to the camera location. Something like this is one solution, attaching it to admin commands is another. Example: adminteleteam X togrid b1 kp1/as some form of command (kp standing for key pad), this would allow for specific grids. I am certain if it has been done in unreal 3 (RO2) the functionality is 110% possible in unreal 4.
  5. Teleportation Command/ Tool

    I stated for private servers for a reason. This would be an extremely valuable tool for one life scenarios and the like run by Squad Ops and other units/ groups. I would completely agree with your statement if it was available to public servers, but I would only like to see it used for private events and such. That is my hopes, I personally don't have the technical skills and knowledge to even begin a project like this. So that is why I have come here. One life scenarios where you need to be in a starting location across the map, AKA cut out the travel time and increase efficiency for these types of events in squad. If you have never been in a unit that runs events like this you may not understand how valuable this would actually be.
  6. Teleportation Command/ Tool

    As I am a part of a community which enjoys realism and running one life events, a great tool we often utilize in other games such as Arma 3 or even Ro2 is the ability to teleport your player anywhere on the map quickly. This is definitely for more niche groups and not so much for public play, but I was very curious if anyone has heard or has word of the development of such a tool by either a developer or a community member. I am aware the ability to teleport is somewhat available in the firing range ( attached to the admin cam ) but, I would like to see the ability to potentially implement this to private servers down the road, Preferably without the need for admin privileges. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks -TheMcDougl