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  1. if you can run all other games at decent fps - don't buy PC components to play squad, it's now worth it. I've bought 7700k to play this game, and although I can play any other game in 60+ fps on ultra - squad is still unplayable. It's just not worth it. Wait for FPS fixes and optimisation.
  2. 7700K @ stock 16 GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz R9 290 After most recent update game is at best "playable" on most maps in low, except the largest ones and building intensive - those are literally unplayable. PC requirements of Squad are still laughable. And I still regret buying it. Salty but true.
  3. gpu/cpu utilization questions

    I'll sugest OC of your FX CPU. 4.5-4.6 Ghz is easy on good air cooler, I had mine at 5.0 for some time.
  4. Optimization

    UE4 is fully capable of supporting and getting max out of modern CPU design, including multicore support (for now it's 8 threads from what I remember). Current bad CPU performance/usage is just about how Squad engine works. http://kotaku.com/5477534/unreal-engine-4-still-a-long-ways-off Originally posted by Mark Rein [...]Unreal Engine 4 is designed for the day we get massively multi-core processors, [...]
  5. It worked nice for my 8350, so can work for Ryzen also. Same as assigning cores in Windows manager + setting Squad priority to High. If you do 3 things with 3 fps gain from each of it - you can get ~10 fps, and this is nice
  6. Nothing above, I'm just referring to PC specs that are needed to run game crossed out with Squad visual side - and for now it looks old, still can be attractive, but looks old. It doesn't mean devs are doing bad job, they are doing what they can. But I'm quite straight forward and I think graphic is not matching requirements.
  7. That's totally not true. UE4 fully supports multicore CPUs, it's all about how devs uses this engine and how they will assign engine workload for CPU - it's all about optimisation. For Squad, optimisations are not yet done - this is the reason for insane requirements (for now) as for such medicore looking game. Originally posted by Mark Rein [...] [...]
  8. Because playing ULQ is giving you huge advantage in spotting. Setting everything to low, max resolution and supersampling you can get = best enemy spotting. Anyways, Epic settings looks medicore, like quite old game and are not worth sacrificing spotting for just a bit better game look. With ULQ and SSx2.0 you can spot enemy at distances where your team will ask "who the heck you are shooting at?"
  9. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    Squad alone is not worth skipping Ryzen. All other games runs great with Ryzen, it's a great CPU line. Anyway - thanks for posting FPS ranges, It's nice to have it.
  10. Zen Ryzen

    Overclock i7 7700K ? "overclocks so well" ? Man, those CPUs are so damn hot that even Intel is advising to ... not overclock the X series. http://www.pcgamer.com/intels-tells-core-i7-7700k-owners-to-stop-overclocking-to-avoid-high-temps/ You need to scalp i7s to get decent temperatures, and I'm not going to risk to kill such expensive CPU. Some i7700k chips are getting really hot even at stock clocks.
  11. That's why I love Frostbite. Insane looking, 64 players per game + insane performance and framerates. CPU utilisation in current squad engine can be compared only with a big, brown, smelly ... you know what. I can't wait when devs will do some work with better multicore CPUs usage - but I don't think it's going to be anywhere near in future. @ChiefSOSA - 90% of calculations are done in a single core in Squad, that's why just high Ghz is giving best FPS boost in squad. The CPU that provides best Mhz wins for now, no matter the number of cores. That's why even such eunuch like i3 will give you a decent FPS in Squad and there won't be much difference i3 vs i7. Ghz counts.
  12. Low FPS

    It's brilliant CPU if you setup it correctly. Mine 8350 can run all games I've tried with high/ultra settings in 1080p, I can't expect anything more from CPU for 150 bucks (price from ~2 years ago). If CPU can handle 99% games and fail to get decent FPS in just one game, it's not the CPU problem - just Squad optimisation is a trash. For SQUAD, there is one thing you can go - you can go to BIOS, enable 1 core per module, and this give you big OC headroom, and since 90% of calculations made by squad engine uses just 1 core, it's the best thing you can do. With cheap air cooler, you can go 4.7Ghz at +1 stock voltage setting.
  13. Direct x 12

    I think it will never be implemented, just look how game is running and how little was done in terms of game performance.
  14. Are you a good shot?

    Easy topic for me - I can't remember when I was able to hit anyone as it's impossible with frame rates I'm getting in Squad. So I just try to look good in uniform and I don't bother with kill ratio.
  15. Skylake X

    OMG! Thanks for letting me know, it should be 16% to 28% market share since 2016 up to now. 11% in just last 3 months You know, too many positive emotions with brand new AMD CPU! And after few conversations with our IT guys, I'm sure ThreadRipper is going to make those numbers grow. Once again - thanks and regards.
  16. Ryzen 5 performance vs i5-6600k (stock)?

    CPU usage and temps should also be mentioned. For example those i5s are really sweating with 90% CPU usage, in the same time Ryzen CPUs are relaxing at around 30-50% CPU usage. This leaves a lot buffer.
  17. Skylake X

    Well, there is a reason why AMD jumped from 6% market share to 28% since Ryzen was released.
  18. High End PC: Low Performance

    In my case, in all tests I performed performance of my PC jumped to 120% (DX11 fps wise) when I switched from 8.1 to 10. My stup is 8350 and R9 290. What's more, after I moved to Win10, my R9 290 beated my brother's GTX970. So from my point of view, I can only recommend Win10, especially for AMD GPUs (the boost is huge, even on DX10/11). And I measured it in several games so I can assume, it can be the same with Squad.
  19. High End PC: Low Performance

    It's very hard to implement and squad devs anouced than performance is far, far away in improvements priority ladder. Stabilisation, features and gameplay comes first. The good thing is - they are trying from time to time give us updates for performance also. UE4 can use all cores, but it's implementation in Squad is not yet done and most calculations runs on just one core. That's why, for me personally - maxing out Ghz frequencies on CPU bringed best results in terms of game performance. From what I mesured: 8350 @ 4.4 4C/8T = 25 fps min 8350 @ 4.6 3C/6T = 30 fps min 8350 @ 4.7 4C/4T = 38 fps min
  20. High End PC: Low Performance

    If 90% of CPU calculations are made on 1 core, I think we can say that best performance boost in Squad can be achieved from ... strong single core? I'm aware devs will fix this (I hope so) but for now, for today - the more you can squeeze from single core - the better FPS you will get. I can play 40fps + on my 8350, but it requires as high clock as I can set (and 4.7Ghz can be achieved on my cheap cooler only by disabling 2 cores per module), other options are near to irrelevant.
  21. You can't use 4GB of VRAM on 970 as it have only 3.5 GB od VRAM... and still, best spotting in squad is going from low settings with Eye Adaptation turned ON and as high scaling as you can manage to get. Squad is one of many games that rewards player for ULQ/high resolution settings.
  22. High End PC: Low Performance

    Well, the reason of bad performance is well known. Squad uses only 1 core and doesn't really care how good your CPU is, how modern, and how nice it uses multicore performance - Ghz and single core - are the only things that matters in Squad. You will get best results just by making sure this one core will go as high as he can, also disabling HT / 2CPM / SMT is giving FPS boost in Squad. I've tried everything, things I mentioned worked best. They are safe and easy to do steps. Arma games runs smoother on my PC than Squad Current squad engine is the worse optimised thing I've ever seen.
  23. Do we really need ranking system? I have no idea what it could do?... Squad is about objectives and cooperation with 8 other people, not about individuals.
  24. High End PC: Low Performance

    Because it's something wrong - game runs on just 1 core so I feel the same as you. I've got decent FPS in all other games because my CPU is nicely distributing workload/teamspeak, but in Squad I'm playing slide show. Try to disable Hyper Threading in your i7 and OC it to as high value as you can. I'm playing on AMD CPU, and I've got best results with disabling 2 cores per module and just bumping up CPU frequency. My fps results are related just to CPU requency, nothing more: 4C/8T @ 4.4 Ghz < 3C/6T @ 4.6 Ghz < 4C/4T @ 4.8 Ghz If you can cut off any of your i7 Core, do it to get better OC headroom, and push frequency higher. Upgrade to Win10 will also give you a boost, in my PC, moving from 8.1 to 10 gave me 20% boost in performance... #insane!