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  1. Dedicated Squads

    what kind of supportive facts you asking for mate? I'm joining game after game, and since locked squads are in game, there is always the same. No matter the server - I don't have favorite servers, I join the one with lot of players and ping less than 100, so it's a lot of them. I hope it will change, for now it's really bad (in my subjective opinion).
  2. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    I had "CoD mindset" on my mind, not the gameplay itself. I've already bought RS2, it's cool and indeed a cheap thing. I can't see many differences mate, mechanics is very similar to squad (wide view, not details). I like it. Nice game to kill some time waiting for multicore CPUs optimalisations in Squad...
  3. Dedicated Squads

    Well.... I can't agree (unfortunately). From my experience, the 2-3 man squads are made by veterans who doesn't want "nabs" in their squad. If I can be honest, nothing should be forced. Cooperation with other 8 guys, splitting responsibilties, teamwork ... this was already in game before the update. Locking Squads just made it worse.
  4. Increasing Performance (CPU Upgrade?)

    I'm not sure you are aware of it, but this CPU can go 5.0Ghz at mid range air cooler. I've did it before and I highly recommend OC on this CPU. It's going to give you a huge boost in FPS.
  5. Dedicated Squads

    Yes, 2 squads are common - but the rest of players is hidding in small 2-3 man squads going solo ... Server really doesn't matter.
  6. Dedicated Squads

    I'm trying different servers. I'm really mad because I've started Squad recently and after great time in game (although I'm not able to play on few maps due to terrible Squad performance on AMD) I don't like the change. Forcing 9 players to cooperate was great and I loved this idea. Now it's gone as full squad is rare, no matter the server.
  7. Dedicated Squads

    if I can be 100% honest, my last game were the same. 1. Single player as all squads are full/locked = 0 fun 2. 3 locked squads of "clan players", zero coordination, zero teamspirit and teamwork = all games with such teams were lost. 3. Cooperation between 7 (?) small squads lasts for so long, that enemy managed to win with 900 tickets. Note: enemies had full squads. for me, previous "forcing" the team of 9 players to cooperate because of big team was much better. The only effort it required was a SL that had to assign roles for his squad. Nothing more. Now, it's just another CoD style game. So sorry, although I understand this idea is GREAT if used correctly, the assumption it won't be abused is silly.
  8. Dedicated Squads

    Guys already squadded up usually stay there to the end of the match. Start my squad and playing with 1-2 guys? That's huge disadvantage. I hate the idea of locking squads. And yes, it took of much of fun from the game as well as the teamplay spirit. If I want to play solo I go BF4.
  9. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    And looks insane, thanks for letting me know, for some reason I've missed this game!
  10. Dedicated Squads

    I personally love to play support, especially when it's connected with setting up a fire base and covering large area over strategic places and direct mortar fire support. It's unique in Squad and I like it, pure random shooting experience is better in BF4 hardcore mode. But how can I play support in Squad servers have full squads and the rest is locked? p.s. I'm really happy with my 4.4 8350, I can play basically everything I want in FHD and High/Ultra settings (even those really demanding like Andromeda/Wildlands), just Squad is making problems. And I won't buy overpriced and hot Intel just to run one game.
  11. Dedicated Squads

    I play at evenings, there is a lack of free slots on servers (20-30 servers with full 80 playerbase and 4-7 players waiting) that I usually join (so those under ping of 100), and I'm getting this all the time. If I can be honest, the combiation of pathetic Squad performance on multicire AMD CPUs as well as Lock Squad feature ... made me simply leave the game. I'm in place where I regret I did not refund Squad on steam like my friends... I don't need 37 bucks unplayable game. Don't get me wrong, the idea of gameplay in Squad is very good, but the engine performance and now this "feature" is killing all fun from gameing.
  12. If you take shadows on Low, they are turned off - and game looks still nice. For me, best spotting works with everything low, max resolution, max SS I can get (for me it's 1.5) and eye adaptation turned ON, antialiasing turned OFF. With such configuration I could spot enemies from insane ranges, my team was asking me who I'm shooting at as they were not able to see enemy. Unfortunately, this gives huge advantage. But Squad is not the only game where you benefits from ULQ mixed with max resolution you can get. It's the same advantage as playing with 4K or 1444p vs FHD..
  13. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    But I've bought game now, and I regret it (unfortunately) as I could play something else in those few months.
  14. I don't mind current shadows for as long as previous, ultra realistic shadows will require borrowing PC from NASA to run it in decent FPS. If I can be honest, performance is something that Squad needs most. After devs will tweak engine and especially usage of multicore CPUs to be in line with 2016/2017 games in terms of performance/graphic, they will get a lot of time to tweak such low used feature as shadows. Don't lie to yourself, Squad is another "spot enemy first" game where most profitable is playing wil ULQ, max resolution you can get and SS set to 2.0x for maximum in game spotting capability. Playing with shadows is rare a thing I think.
  15. I doubt insurgents will fly anything over hemp.
  16. Dedicated Squads

    For me locked squads killed all fun from the game. In theory, they are OK. In game, they are just taing away all fun from game, as it's very common for me to join a server and ... I have to play solo as there is no open squad to join because some guys just want to play on their own, without other players. I'm getting this all the time, 1-2 full 9 man squads, and than some random or "clan" locked squads, and the feel of the gameplay is like CoD, no one cooperates, no one listen to eachother and full gameplay is a full mess. It's wrong to assume that anyone will use game feature in the right way, if I can be honest it's even a bit silly to think players won't abuse game mechanics.
  17. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Unfortunately I have very negative feelings about the most recent update. First of all, the possibility to lock on a squad is bad, really bad. Now, in all games, instead of four nice full teams of 9 players that are forced to cooperate in order to win a game, we are getting two or even one full team and 2-3 locked squads of 2-3 guys, where the rest of players are running random. It totally devastates for me the main idea of playing squads in Squad. It's just broken and overused. I hate it. There is also a situation where you join server, and due to locked squads there is no free squad to join - you are FORCED to play solo. Seriously? It feels like some CoD stuff. And the second thing is ... I'm glad there is new content, I'm just less happy that I still can't enjoy it as with current optimisation for AMD CPUs game is unplayable. I really regret I did not refunded Squad on Steam. I rate this patch 3/10, 3 for new content added, really small updates but smart outside of course this damn, game breaking SQUAD LOCK!
  18. Suggestion speed limit key

    I really like the idea. I've played some other game, and I really like how it's implemented there. With E you are getting one gear up with auto throttle keeping vehicle at max speed (for selected gear) and with Q you are enabling reverse / lower gear. Pressing S is making vehicle stop, than it starts to go backward, and W is of course used for acceleration and A & D for turning. Works really nice and it would be great to see similar mechanics in Squad.
  19. Ranking System (without XP)

    I think Squad is NOT about stats and rankings. I'm also sure it don't need them. This game is about setting up a team of 9 random guys and making it work. It's a perfect experience and ranking could destroy it. It does not matter how many guys you make KIA, how fast you shoot or how great leader you are. Who wins match counts only - and this does not need ranks. If a medic/SL/anyone is playing bad, let him know about it and tell him what he can do to be better. Making "ranks" and "voting rating system" will just hurt newcommers or 'weekend warriors' as they will be bashed by negative votes because they are not a top guns in this game - and than what? Will you throw out from team someone who is a bad player? Why? Give the poor guy time to learn and adapt. I literally hate all kind of rankings.
  20. AMD is worst for Squad

    Nah, I consider it would be a wasted time as I'm sure we both won't change our minds.
  21. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    Yea, it bothers me also. From one side, it would be fair to get them on both weapons, on other side it would be unrealistic ... I think it would be best to change the zoom level of a gun when aiming down the iron sights.
  22. Alpha 9.6 Feedback

    Update is nice, although I have a problem with locked squads. The team with locked squads usually loses ... It leads to situation where I join almost full servers and you have for example 3 full squads of 9 players and one locked ... so basically you can't join any squad or you need to create another useless (small) squad. That's why I don't like locking squads. The other topic is ... the optimalisation for CPUs that benefit from multicore structure (AMD). Making game more accessible (less demanding for PC) will bring more players = more $ for devs for further development. Game is great in it's current form in terms of gameplay and I think this should be priority for now to boost it's performance as you can't enjoy new content if game is unplayable due to less than 30 fps or when strong PC is giving huge advantage in spotting. Keep up a good work. Regards.
  23. AMD is worst for Squad

    @godamntwitch I understand your point or view, but sorry I still can't agree with you on many listed things.
  24. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    ^^^ This. Just like I've wrote - guns are similar, but in Squad M4 have red dot sight, I think AK should get this also. Although not very realistic as from what we can see russian soldier is not using optics (there are of course exceptions) it's directly affecting gameplay. Closer to eye view of mechanical sights would be also a nice move (and I think it would be not as that hard to implement. Regards
  25. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    It's the gun construction, thing relating more to how gun is operating instead of how strong the bullet is. From my small live shooting experience, M4 is a bit better than AK74 in terms of fire control. M4 seems to 'kick' more in a straight line towards your arm and AK74 seems to move a bit more up. But you know, it's just "my feeling". You can get nice grip for both so it's not an issue, but if I can be honest - AK is missing the Red Dot in game, aiming with its oryginal iron sights is a nightmare, not to mention fire selector... Also reloading is in my opinion a bit more 'natural' and faster in M4s. For in-game AK, adding Red Dot sights is a must and I think it would be a nice fix.