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  1. AMD CPU Audio Issue

    Indeed, the deactivation of the radio filter improves the performance while people are talking, but it still drops down to a few fps if someone starts to talk. It seems like the filter effects and the initation of the communcation are linked to the problem in some way. CHIP: AMD 990X CPU: AMD FX-6100 GPU: NVIDIA GTX760 SND: Realtek ALC982 RAM: Corsair 8 GB OS: Windows 7 (unpreviliged)
  2. Small feedback from RO/AAO player

    Hello Brembo, I agree basically on all points; beside point 3, because I don't want to have absurd instantly-called prone positions in close combat situations. So on this point I would rather disclaim such a feature, instead of promoting bunny hopping or dolpin diving. Border, CSAR and Dusk are definitely offering gamemodes which could work very well with a small number of players. I already suggested a gamemode with server settings to establish an infantry-only gamemode which could be relatively similar to this. Source: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1239-server-settings-infantry-only-no-respawns-no-revives-dynamic-mapsize-and-escortextract-gamemodes/
  3. Allow squad leaders to lock their squads

    +1 for the ability to lock your squad; but I assume, it is already on low priority list. If you really want to archive that people use ingame VoIP instead of 3rd party tools, than this features is needed; beside the option to set a squad voice channel to voice activation. In our group, for example, we occasionally like to play only with the people with whom we are familar with.
  4. Major FPS Drops?

    Indeed, I receive around 15-40 (20 averaged) FPS in a populated multiplayer session in areas where I usually receive around 25-70 (45 averaged) FPS in single player and there is a lot of processing power unused in my CPU. I already posted my expierence and my machine isn't bad with an AMD FX-6100, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 760. So finally I haven't really played Squad so far, but I am really hoping count on more improvements during the next weeks. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/2929-performance-thread/page-2#entry58759
  5. Dropped 30FPS even on low from last build.

    That is a question of personal preferences. I think the current gamemode is generating a even better atmosphere with less players, especially because it is concentrating firefights already. Beside the personal gameplay preferences, such a servers would make the game at least enjoyable on machines like mines.
  6. Dropped 30FPS even on low from last build.

    I get around 15-25 frames on servers with more than 30 players, therefore I suggested there should be servers with only 25 or 30 slots. Currently, Squad is not playable on my machine, which is driven by a FX-6100 with a NVIDIA GTX 760 with 8 GB of RAM. It makes me sad because I could already feel the potential of the infantry fight on a unpopulated server on the last weekend and I am one of the players who enjoys playing with more space between the players.
  7. This is very important and I strongly suggest allowing at least a difference of 2 players; which should be adjustable via a server variable; until there is a other solid solution for it. Furthermore I am interested in the investigation on the performance bottleneck on highly populated servers.
  8. Will this game get a Conquest mode?

    I really want to see a conquest mode to get less concentrated areas and more space between the players, but I don't want to have some kind of perks for conquer them; and I am not a old PR player.
  9. A discussion on Sights

    1. I agree, many sights should be closer to the face like they are if you are holding shift. 2. I didn't play much because of fps problems on populated servers, but I don't like weapons especially magnified ones that are too easy to handle without a deployment. So I would rather stay with a bigger weapon sway.
  10. In-game kill score feedback

    An alternative could be to notify teamkills only if it is done by the same person in a row, thereby the the feeling which MuffriDer described could be conservated, while still inform the public about potential griefers. So finally, instead of publishing that annoucement on first offence the system adds a counter to an internal variable and if it is reaches the threshold then teamkiller will be exposed; the threadshold could be adjusted via a server variable.
  11. Server Size

    Well you can also argue for the opposite to fill up more servers on different locations and map, thereby more people with fps problems might be able to enjoy these 30 slot servers. Futhermore I personally like if there is more space between the players, because it adds some kind of metagaming which I really like.
  12. Pre-alpha general impression main thread

    My overall expierence was really good and the developers and youtuber videos didn't promised too much and this affirmed me in my opinion that this game should get a infantry only mode. Beside there are basically three things that hindered me to enjoy it even more in the current build: 1. very bad averaged fps on servers with more than 25 players 2. sights blocking implausibe too much when aiming 3. some compound walls allow digging into them
  13. Performance Thread

    I can confirm the huge difference between a populated multiplayer session and singleplayer performance, where adjusting the settings changes the fps only marginally. I receive around 15-40 (20 averaged) FPS in a populated multiplayer session in areas where I usually receive around 25-70 (45 averaged) FPS in single player. The UE command stat unit shows me that the most load seems to occur in the GPU and a bit lesser in the CPU game thread, the CPU render thread seems to be fine nearly all the time. CPU is only being utilized by around 50% and the GPU isn't being fully utilized even in situations where the frames drop a lot. AMD FX-6100, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 760 under Windows 64-bit with everything on EPIC except the shadows, which are on medium.
  14. Voice Activation optional for local

    +1 This should definitely be an option also to equalize the featureset between 3rd party VoIP even more. Futhermore it should be possible to disable this feature for certain members or the squad in general; by the squad leader for example; to manage inappropriate usage.
  15. I have give you already a reason for this token gesture to the minority of backers, in my first post.