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  1. Squad

    I am not cooking anything.I just said what i think and there is nothing you can do.Bye
  2. Squad

    I never used the word "demand or i demand" i started my request with "PLEASE" .Anyone can demand...they have the right ones bought the game and still in Alpha phase...is not final.
  3. Squad

    you are highly educated with your f language.........enjoy exactly.....but again i am pleasing never used the word "obey" or must.They are wasting their time some people here.Just make your customers happy....simple.
  4. Squad

    Where did you find the word "obey me" Sir!!!!......of course i paid and i have all the rights of the world to ask for more and better because you are still on Alpha.If you don't like customers that ask for more and better (in my opinion) then give the game for free. And if you really read my requests it started with "I PLEASE...."
  5. Squad

    I love you. and please remove that proximity thing.....it feels like horror movie watching cod game tied up with chains
  6. Squad

    I don't like the direction of FOB's disappearing by proximity and rpg's flying like throwing a stone with your hand.....i don't know where they got that idea from.In the beginning was not like that. i have a critical mind not a sheep mind...i don't accept everything they offer me...is not smart
  7. Squad

    Stupid is not to ask questions and the best from the product I bought with MY money Sir.Is not a free game.
  8. Squad

    "The customer is always right".......Marshall Field
  9. Squad

    I understand that you want to increase the number$ but what will make the game different from others?About the mortar issue i don't know the guys and i am not saying they don't know anything but i am sure their knowledge was not applied in the game for now.For the FOB proximity you didn't say anything.In my view the game is been changed for younger ages that can't deal with reality....that is war=hardcore=instant death.For example Bf4 has a horrible bullet damage.I think the game will be playable with my few requests and you are going to have fanatics x10 more than now,i strongly believe that.Or is it possible to create a new game mode with this list i requested?
  10. Using IED in firing range

    and how you do that?
  11. Squad

    I please the developers and whoever responsible for the Squad updates to make some changes in the future. 1.Please, study the Rpg specifications before updating the rpg drop and damage. Fragmentation : 7 m (23 ft) (vs. body armor) 150 m without body armor Muzzle velocity : 300 m/s (flight) Effective firing range: 200 m Maximum firing range: 500 m (self detonates at ≈920 m (1,000 yd)) 3.Increase the bullet damage on human bodies.Please, the FOB should be destroyed only physically and not by proximity because to me is not making sense.Let the shavel do the work not the "proximity" .....that was a really horrible change in my opinion. 4.Increase the mortar damage and radius "U.S. Army - M252 81mm Mortar killing range 35m" and "Russia - Podnos 82mm Mortar killing range 50 m minimum " 5.Add thermals to the Stryker (RWS) remote weapon system and to Humvee Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) system. Please,consider my request.