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  1. Update: I'm going to try to play using my 55 year old stepmom's readers lol
  2. I've owned it since launch day, devs seem hell bent on never addressing the issue and actually making it worse. So I take long breaks from the game because of this and see if its fixed. I've tried all sorts of combinations like this. Nothing really makes it significantly better.
  3. I'll basically keep this short, hopefully I'm not the only one turned off by this. Before telling me I'm blind and stupid: 1.My fov is as low as possible. 2. I have 20/15 vision in both eyes. This is quite a bit better than the standard for "good" eyesight of 20/20. 3. My face is generally about 2-3 feet from the screen at any given time. I'm playing on a 24 inch 1080p, 75hz IPS monitor. My problem is that I can't see ANYTHING in front of me outside of about 150 yards unless the soldier is in an open field or against a bright object. It often seems like aliasing creates artificial movement that hides whatever I'm tracking. This has really stopped me from enjoying the game unless I'm using a scoped weapon. Has this ever been discussed? I remember when the alpha was first released the fov could be lowered to 80 which was a small improvement over the minimum of 90 now. I can think of a few possible solutions. 1. Reworked lighting 2. A better temporal aliasing solution that retains clarity. The Witcher 3 has a very good solution that almost removes shimmering and crawling without smudging the image. 3. I know allowing a lower fov has been discussed, but still. 4. I don't think it is far fetched to say that zoomed/advanced optics are underrepresented in this game. Even when compared to what insurgent groups are armed with. Maybe make them more standardized? Thanks for reading
  4. FOB-Focused Game mode

    I've never even seen that, but that sounds problematic. Surely something can be done to eliminate that problem. If not this format, just some extremely long somewhat central objective based infantry mode.
  5. FOB-Focused Game mode

    I've played 4 games fairly recently and squad leads almost never place good fobs. My point is that I want a game mode that can take 3-4 hours that would have some sense of progression. A reason to use the fob system to its potential. I never saw this mode in PR btw.
  6. Watching the documentaries Restrepo and Korengal gave me an idea for this game mode. Basically, both team's squad's each build an fob at a strategic position, or one large fob (maybe 25v25). Let's say you have 3-5 minutes to do this before the round starts. The fobs ideally would be placed on opposite sides of a large canyon. Inside the lowland you could have 3 "capture points" each side has one defense point, then there is a central point. Your team has some people defend your fob(s) while others go and fight for the objectives. Whoever has more people on the objective can slowly capture the center point. Then they have to capture the enemy's defended point before pushing up and capturing the fob(s). This sounds chaotic but I think it could be adjusted to fit the pace of most matches. (Korengal Map wip) would probably be great for this. FOBs aren't important/used enough in the game's current state imo.
  7. Amazing Job @Devs

    I put you guys on the same tier of cd projekt red when it comes to listening to your community, and putting the game above money.
  8. Lack of diversity

    Either way it doesn't matter, you're black dude same you're a person like the rest of the human race
  9. Lack of diversity

    lol see I literally was unaware of the races of people in the game.
  10. Lack of diversity

    I completely agree that there should be diversity in the us army as in real life, I was more or less making jokes about bf1 being ultra PC about it and pretty much was told I was being "borderline racist"
  11. Lack of diversity

    Not sure if this is about me because racism is not my intent. This post is funny because it's a non issue, sure it will be cool when they improve character models and add variety. But it has no effect on gameplay. I do not care what race people are in games, it took a youtube video for me to realize 3/4 of people in bf1 were black, never noticed it on my own. The part that is cringy about bf1 is that DICE completely went out of their way to break historical accuracy so it doesn't offend people who really pay attention to this stuff. In the same way this post makes me cringe a small amount, it confirms that dice made the correct PR move because people really are worried about this specific issue. With all this said. I don't care what race people are in video games or life, and you will never see me complain about anything to do with the color of skin, I know this is easier because I am white. But I feel like there are much more important race issues to spend energy on than this. Implying I'm making racist remarks is pretty dumb if that was your intent.
  12. Lack of diversity

    Just call DICE in here to force 3/4 of the militants to be asian
  13. Maybe include Korengal as an official map?

    that's pretty obvious, I think he already said so too. I'm more or less asking if devs considered it yet.
  14. I'm sure anyone that could answer this has already seen it: Any plans to include this map in a future update when completed? I loved the one from PR and I really like the documentaries about the Korengal.