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    Signed up! www.twitch.tv/ACrispyTacoTV
  2. SQUAD - Free Weekends

    I'm not your buddy, friend. Also, how did you interpret "Free Weekends should only be available to people with Squad in their Steam wishlist" as "SQUAD shouldn't be free." All I am suggesting is that the type of person who would already have SQUAD in their wishlist is at least slightly interested in the game and would hopefully take the experience somewhat seriously. Versus the type of person that takes the free weekend as an opportunity to **** around, troll, grief and not take the game seriously at all because they aren't invested or interested in it. Those types of people are generally harmful to the community and if you're a potential purchaser of SQUAD and your Free Weekend experience is a bunch of shrieking memesters TKing and playing music over the mic, you're probably not going to buy it. Wishlist only free weekends would let the people who are actually interested in the game know "Hey, a free weekend is coming up". It's still 100% free.
  3. SQUAD - Free Weekends

    Free Weekends should only be available to people with Squad in their Steam wishlist. Also people with VAC bans shouldn't be given free weekend passes. This will help prevent the influx of trolls on free weekends and only give the people who are genuinely interested in the game access to the free weekends.
  4. Blocking bridges with wrecks is getting out of hand. It's bad enough US have red dots and strykers but then they plug the bridges up with immovable wrecks that completely negate INS vehicle movement. There is no other way to move vehicles across water but to use bridges. This is a very lame issue that needs to be addressed. Make wrecks pushable with other vehicles or Make wrecks disappear after a certain amount of time or Both
  5. Truesky Plugin

    Anyone? I cannot find any forum posts that resolve this issue. They all suggest the same 3-4 steps I've already listed above. When I delete the Truesky Folder then Verify Integrity of Cache, Steam says 100% files Validated but it does not reacquire the Truesky folder I deleted. ??? I am going to try and have my friend send me his Truesky folder and see if his files allow the game to boot.
  6. Truesky Plugin

    Truesky pluggin cannot be found. Game crashes after splash screen. Things I have tried. Reinstalling (Twice) Verify Integrity of Cache (5+) Deleted Binary Folder Deleted Truesky Folder
  7. Suggestion - Objectives & Rushing

    The only thing you gain from the current system is you get to cheese your enemy. Everything you mentioned, better cohesion, learning from mistakes all can be achieved through the changes I suggested as well. It's not like you will never have better cohesion or learn from mistakes simply because you can't rush an enemy base to cheese the enemy team. Seeing where enemy bases are before they are even relevant to your team does nothing but allow these kind of match breaking tactics to exist in the first place. The only objective your team should know or care about are the ones directly connected to your Defensive Objective.
  8. Suggestion - Objectives & Rushing

    My suggestions do not make anything "linear" though, all it does is remove most of the ability to cheese the enemy and ruin the match. You can still rush and make aggressive FOBs, you just won't know where the enemy objectives are unless you're connected to it directly with your Objective. Also there would be 0 performance hit to the server. All you need to do is add an Alpha Layer to the Enemy Objectives that you are not connected to. That way they are invisible then you can remove that Alpha Layer once your team connects the Objectives together.
  9. I've been suffering through a lot of games lately where 1 side rushes Base #1 or #2 on the enemy side and completely ruins up the match. Win or lose the match isn't fun. The main problem I feel is that you can see where the enemy objectives are so you know where the enemy are going to be. If you can remove a team's ability to see where ALL the enemy objectives are you remove that teams ability to Rush and "cheese" the enemy and ruin the match. These 2 suggestions below should fix this entirely. You can still rush and make aggressive forward FOBs, however you just won't know exactly where the enemy objectives are in relation to where you're placing it. 1.) Random Objective locations every map. 2.) You cannot see any objective past the one your team must Capture.