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  1. Rally Point

    Summary about RP new behavior: 1. Can deploy RP even if the enemy is near. 2. Limit on the RP at SL. For example, you can install only 1 or 2 RP, then you need to charge the FOB. 3. RP destroyed by the enemy, only digging with a shovel or stand on RP.
  2. Rally Point

    I agree with you, this idea good! The main thing is that the RP is destroyed only by digging with a shovel. If your idea is promoted, then let it be possible to take only 1 RP on FOB. Then you need to return to the FOB for the new RP. And let the RP be expensive.
  3. Rally Point

    Then let the developers make a limit on the RP for the squad leader, like bandages. For example 3 RP for the whole game.
  4. Rally Point

    You can dig FOB, hub if enemy near, but not can put new Rally Point - it not logical!
  5. Rally Point

    Item 1 and 2 broken hardcore mode!
  6. Rally Point

    1. Rally Point indicator that the enemy is behind the wall, you can not put Rally Point, since the enemy is near. So it's not logical and gives a hint to the team that the enemy is near. This is bad, it turns out that the enemy can not play in silence mode. 2. Rally Point is removed, if the enemy has passed next to the wall, then the team on the map will also see where to look for the enemy, since the Rally Point has disappeared. This is bad! 3. Disappearing RP without digging out, reduces the hardcore mode. P.S. Translated via Google. I understand that if you remove 1 and 2 items, then the installation of the RP can always be set, but you can make a time limit!
  7. Rally Point

    Dear community! I propose that the Rally Point be destroyed by the enemy only when digging out, and not when the enemy is near. If you also want it to be so, then vote, put a plus or minus if you do not want. Thank you!
  8. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Dear developers, please STOP CHEATERS! Why you don't fighting with they? Sorry, but I not see result of your fighting. Every time, when i play in Squad, i see cheaters. I repeat, i know and feel difference beetwen skill (real game) and cheaters. On YouTube you can found many fresh video with cheaters. I delete BattleField 3/4 in crying, found and buy Squad, because hoped what in Squad have not cheaters. I was mistaken. If in september and october situation not change, i never recommend Squad game for my friends and maybe delete this. I like your game, but STOP CHEATERS PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Sorry, I understand rules! But if dear developers add name and distance from killed, its very help to control cheaters and don't broken hardcore style. Maybe make option for server, admin can off and on this option.
  10. Hello dear developers! I have been playing in the Squad for 3 months already. I deal with cheaters every time. I understand the difference between a player's skill and cheaters. This is manifested in the following way: killing from one shot without a gunfire at a great distance. Killing me when I'm in the technique, right away, without firing from the rifle. The enemy immediately knows where to shoot when it comes out of Love Germany Squad #1 Love Germany Squad #2 Northeum #1 Northeum #2 Russian Servers French Servers I have some questions: 1. You can add to show who killed and from which distance and what weapon. It's not like it does not hurt the hardcore mode, but it will control the cheaters. 2. How do I make my server official so that it's on the list of the main servers, what steps should I do? Thank you! P.S. Translated by GOogle.
  11. It is not possible to make a squad closed. Please see screenshot. Screen resolution: 1920x1200 Please remove spaces from URL. http:// s019.radikal. ru/i631/1707/59/f4539ba188d3.jpg