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  1. Community content WIP thread!

    lol that...i was just wondering about the hardwere request to dont make a game lag...so u think i could use ..mmh 2000-3000 without worrying about anything?
  2. Community content WIP thread!

    oh thats good...somewhere i read that low poly was 100 polygons lol...as always thanks for help...im trying to create an fps game in ue4 but im dumb beginneer and without knowing;)
  3. Community content WIP thread!

    oookay some progress here...i added materials and the model is quite complete. Nothing much just my first experiment. What do you guys think?This is a placeholder for something better but its a starting point=)just a question: How many polygons does a low-poly model have? cheers=D lol another one...differences between blender and maya?(autodesk)
  4. Community content WIP thread!

    bro if you want specific building you can ask to me i would be really happy helping you@r0tzwa thanks for the info lol
  5. Community content WIP thread!

    so...gonna post 3 shoots very poor quality im sorry for that but till now its the only way i can do so .. sorry...dont expect much im a newbie to his first steps...so no texturing no materials (for now) dont insult me then ahah https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-H_svR66J2EE/VaA5reQt9oI/AAAAAAAADMo/B-KakYfe5Ck/w1580-h889-no/15%2B-%2B1 this is the "famous" palace i mentioned before=) ( its just a tower.. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_jcQ-1r6viY/VaA5rRdPWqI/AAAAAAAADMw/nRcqwlxLuU8/w1580-h889-no/15%2B-%2B2 here some beretta M9 A3...my first weapon model on this modelling software and finally here some WIP ARX 160=) hope u enjoy at least the idea behind ma shit ( lol) im just trying=)) https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-vOiB0jUY87Q/VaA5rcXXPGI/AAAAAAAADM4/jJcprFfGWu8/w1580-h889-no/15%2B-%2B3 see you the next update=D oh btw very tnx for explanation guys=) thanks a lot
  6. Community content WIP thread!

    im sorry guys but they are my first steps into creation of videogame in ue 4 so be patient with me ;D <3 _ so...no doors only "holes" lol...just dont know how to set a mesh _how do/set a collider?
  7. Community content WIP thread!

    guys i will soon post a pair of screens on what im working on (my first weapons-buildings) anyway does anyone know how to enter a building in ue4? i exported one but i cant go into it ...i cant enter:( does anyone know how to do?i searched into ue 4 forums too...nothing...
  8. Newbie buster

    ehyehyehyehyehy!!!! STOP that now. Wtdamn are you saying.Can you only imagine the damage that this thing could provide to the game?? And peoples have to learn!if you aren't patient enough just change server. Whats that "racism" about those players. Are you all born as pro PR players??pls don't be ridiculous and stop this thread. Its a game. The only intelligent thing that HERE haven t been mentioned is TROLL HUNTING that would be the ONLY real need for that kind of game...
  9. Remove K/D statistics

    maybe it would be a nice solution dont have the k/dscreen ingame but only at the end of the match so that you can know who is the squad and people that played better
  10. character upper body movement

    its a cool idea it would make more realistic to see the game:)
  11. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    italy bro? awsome idea,id like to see italy croatia and some south korea!;D great job!
  12. Tickets should not be visible

    maybe you could use a "chckpoint system". In other words you could show it for example for a minute every 5 minutes, so that you have a costant idea of how things are doing but you dont have a very precise status of the game...
  13. i would REALLY REALLY love an ingame tool to tell others what formation do you nees,for examples when you have peoples that dont understand english
  14. VoIP - Background noise

    ithink it would add immersion
  15. u guys simply geniouses