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  1. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.

    Squad needs ambient weather soooo bad! A little wind noise here and there, an approaching storm with the sounds of thunder rolling in the distance, and maybe some SNOW! All kinds of weather that will help immerse the player in the ambiance.

    Made By IrishRep.Army with CaveMan

    Waiting to get banned or at the very least a good ass chewin by SL, but nothin happens... Disregard and carry on you drunken menace to society.

  5. CaveMan & Zero-6

    Here's a vid playing V.11 when it just came out. Never played as or encountered the Brits yet at the time of the vid so we hadn't a clue what we were up against.
  6. Garensterz's Intense Squad Videos

    damn son that was intense! What GPU are you rocking btw?
  7. I have to say it wouldn't be impossible. Mapping the "controller" wouldn't be hard. The hard part would be to make it feel right which is impossible as that'll be a part of the game that can't be changed. Hopefully the devs will allow controllers, including steering controllers, to be part of the game so all activities would be smoothed over. Like with my template if you're sprinting and then aim your character no longer sprints. For you to continue to sprint you'll need to click the left stick twice to sprint again. Reason? It's just the game. If I'm holding shift to sprint and right click mouse, my character stops sprinting to aim but when I stop aiming while continuing to hold shift he will not resume the sprint. I have to release and press and hold shift again. Not a big deal on a keyboard, but it's a slight nuisance with the controller. Also, my controller template has a driver mode. Hop into a vehicle and hold A(on xbox controller) for a second and INFANTRY mode will switch to DRIVER mode, which sort of feels like driving a car in a typical console game. It has a total of 3 modes you can switch to. Sounds complicated but really isn't. INFANTRY mode for just that, running around with a gun. Driver mode for driving all vehicles. And GUNNER mode for when you're on a gun inside a vehicle. All modes can be switched smoothly.
  8. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I like playing as a rifleman with an optic for the obvious reason. It's easy to kill people. But when I'm chilling at home and get alcohol onboard, then I really love playing as a medic. There's nothing more satisfying than keeping a bunch of players alive and healthy while screaming, "donchyou die on me four-leaf!" While sobbing intensely. Real tears. And the downed player replies with the generic, "medic! Uhooohfuuuuh it hurts so bad doc!" at a whisper as not to wake his family.
  9. Playing medic while working as an EMT... There's an xzibit meme for this.
  10. Yes KB&M reign supreme. You can't beat the accuracy of a mouse. That being said, I've created a controller template for Squad, and next Post Scriptum... My original template has over 9,000 hours of community playtime, but once v.10 and .11 rolled out it no longer worked well as the game mechanics changed drastically. So I made a new one and have been playing on it since the launch of v.10. I only recently uploaded it as to work out the kinks and I have to say, it works great*. So why in the hell would I use a controller? Well, I made these templates so I can play Squad at work. I'm an EMT and work on an ambulance for 12 hours at a time so to kill a few hours I decided to bring my pc on board. Juggling a KB&M quickly became a PITA so I made it work, in a different sort of way. So now that the new template is floating on the community page couch gamers, and people in my situation where KB&M aren't possible, can now enjoy playing Squad. My brother's yt channel, The Hammer And Tickle, has quite a few videos of us both playing Squad with a controller. I hope this post doesn't invoke the wraith of the master race, as I myself have PC blood coursing through my veins. Just don't mind those NES, PS1, and X360 genes. Thanks for reading! CaveMan EDIT: the template is for Xbox360 and One controllers. Will work fine with dual shock as well.
  11. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    Personally I think the Javeline would be OP being that it's a fire-and-forget weapon. Carls G would be on par with the RPG making a more balanced game. Also I think that the U.S. Army anti-tanker carrying two LAWS is a little ridiculous. I don't mean that it's ridiculous that he has two rounds at his disposal, just that he would be carrying two LAWS when they could be carrying one Carls G with multiple rounds of munitions like the RPG anti-tankers. But to reiterate, I love the light weight compact LAW. Something about compact weapon systems turns me on... But when it comes down to war fighting, it's just not practical. BLAM!!! Done. You'd need every man in the squad carrying one to be an effective anti-vehicular force. That is if the game was utilizing the LAWs realistically IE the anti-tank soldier only has one or his character has two strapped on his pack to show he is in fact carrying two LAWs(from recent memory I can only remember his character model having one LAW strapped to his backpack). Also I have to bring up the fact that the LAW doesn't have frag munitions either being that it's sole purpose is to penetrate objects. The U.S. Army faction and Russian GF faction are built, and will grow as the developers continue their work, to be technologically advanced with powerful weapons and vehicles. Having the Grenadier armed with a single use LAW along with his grenade launcher would compliment that doctrine that the Squad game designers are going for in my opinion. The United States armed forces have developed an anti-tank warfighting doctrine thanks to the Soviet Unions love for large armored divisions. So having the U.S. Army Grenadier armed with another secondary weapon being a single LAW for Russian GF vs U.S. Army matches would be historically correct as well as being balanced in game if the Russian GF are given their Heavy anti-tank class.
  12. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    Howdy everyone, I wanted to propose a new weapon for the U.S. Army faction. The Carls Gustav. The U.S. Army has utilized the Carls G in recent years and has made itself a favorite amongst the troops in current and recent conflicts. The Carls G IS a weapon system used by regular infantry. Benefits that the Carls G has over the LAW is that it's a reloadable weapon while the LAW as we all know is single use. It also has varying munitions that match the opposing faction's RPGs such as HEAT and frag munitions. I believe the Carls G would better represent a more modern anti-tank and anti-personnel recoilless rifle than the LAW does in game. However I'm not advocating the removal of the LAW, just the addition of the Carls G for those larger conflicts in game IE Russia GF vs U.S. Army. This next idea is for a completely different topic but I'll throw it in here as well... I can see the LAW being another secondary weapon for the U.S. Army grenadier. He only has ONE just like a standard infantry man would be realistically carrying, but it would give him anti-vehicular fire power alongside his standard grenade launcher. While the true anti-tank role would be reserved for the Carls G. I also know that the Carls G has modern air burst munitions that can be set to detonate at certain distances. I can see this as being OP but that's for everyone else to discuss and decide. I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this! Thanks! I can't add pics or URLs so youtube Carls Gustav and check it out on images as well!