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  1. Arabic language + servers

    well i can speak English but my friends can't or some of them is hard sometime because it's a second language for me and them . so you can understand if you are in the same shoes as us .
  2. Arabic language + servers

    hello everyone. the Store page in Steam says that this Game have Arabic language but when i play it NO Arabic even when i try to change it multiple times from game Booting in steam < Nothing > so do this game have Arabic language support ? or NO ? then we have Servers problem . this game is Multiplayer online ONLY so to play with friends i want to host a Room or game with friends i can't i have to go to other websites and RENT servers with Money < even that i already pay for the game > then to ask the game developers with a request forum or whatever that contract sheet name is and sent the request to them and hope and wait for the developers replay maybe after 14 - 30 days after you pay a Rent server for a 30 day so when the licence for the server come then you only have 14 day left ... so is there anyway to host a server for FREE ??!! or no ?