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  1. I'm sorry if a thread has been made about this (Search turned up nothing) or if this feature is already planned (I am not aware) I think for a game based more so in realism details such as working mirrors on vehicles are important. I don't really think there needs to be much detail typed up about this. Drivers need to be able to see behind their vehicles and mirrors accomplish it. Of course, mirrors do take a performance impact and depending on hardware you may have to turn them off or lower reflection quality. People with lower end hardware should still be able to drive without mirrors, so I think a typical "Rear view" camera change works fine for that. However, even with that option I still think mirrors should be in the game. It's a more instant way of checking behind you while still retaining forward view.
  2. Kickstarter Roundup

    Good video, wasn't sure if there was a thread on it. The RPG loading animation looks great.
  3. Kickstarter Hype

    It is time.
  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I think the game looks fine. I hope you can turn that chromatic aberration off though.
  5. Development Diary #2

    Of course. Just something I noticed about the UI and I wasn't sure how it is across other peoples monitors. Using an IPS monitor (Glossy) with neutral color settings, not sure how it looks for TN. The systems remind me of Red Orchestra 2 and it's something I really like in that game. Keep up the great work. You guys are running a really good kickstarter update wise
  6. Development Diary #2

    Just saw this in my sub box as a recent upload and came here. Focus! Awesome, I'm glad you guys are implementing that. I think youtube got messed up for your upload in feeds. I think the orange on the stamina bar blends in a bit with the ground. Maybe make it a little brighter?
  7. Campaign mode?

    I don't want a single player campaign for SQUAD. I am interested in SQUAD for the multiplayer and I'd like everything going towards multiplayer/training mode. Stories form in PR's multiplayer and it will probably be the same for SQUAD
  8. E3 2015 Thread

    Halo: Master Chief collection next? Gears of war: Ultimate edition coming to PC. 4k and DX12 support http://www.gamespot.com/articles/gears-of-war-remastered-coming-to-pc-playable-at-4/1100-6428256/ Personally, I am excited. Really wanted to play gears online again
  9. E3 2015 Thread

    I don't know. The way they say "We're bringing our gritty and realistic military shooter gameplay forward to a time when assault rifles ruled the ground, choppers ruled the skies, and every tunnel could hide an ambush," said Tripwire Interactive President, John Gibson, "The iconic setting of Vietnam opens up so many opportunities for exciting asymmetrical gameplay." Them saying about Asymmetrical gameplay and choppers ruling the skies makes me think they might be flyable. Not sure why my text got messed up. Wondering if it's going to be early access like Killing floor 2 or not.
  10. E3 2015 Thread

    HOLY FUCK. I just came to see that in my sub box. I wondered where the Vietnam RO2 thing went. I hope those helicopters are flyable.
  11. I'm glad I can drag people to cover now. Will being in a vehicle with a medic stabilize/heal?
  12. E3 2015 Thread

    That RARE collection tho. Just heard about that today. The original conker with the original multplayer and uncensored? I'm happy they choose the original over live and reloaded. Live and reloaded looks great visually, but it's censored and the multiplayer is a lot different. RARE's new game looks interesting too. Glad they're not stuck making Kinect crap anymore
  13. Shenmue 3 (It's been 14 years)

    I wish one of the stretch goals was a release of the first two games on PC. Have they talked about that at all?
  14. You can donate $1. You can donate whatever amount you want, you're not locked to pledge goal amounts. I think the KS is going well, the team really stepped it up with the new series detailing the game and more clarifications. Remember, the game is going to earn more money when it's on steam early access. It's already been greenlit
  15. Star Wars

    November 17th 2015
  16. Star Wars

    I've accepted years ago we're never getting the original battlefront 3. Actually looking forward to Battlefront more after that gameplay. Gunplay reminds me a bit of the original. I love the weapon models and the third person mode looks well made. Plus, power ups scattered around? That's cool. Curious if health regen is there just for the demo or not though. Strikes me as odd to have a health bar like that and have full health regen. Most games don't have a health bar if it's full regen. I may pick it up on release depending on what more news comes out. Origin has a good refund policy. I hope they make a clone wars expansion or something. I understand the main game being OT because of the new movie. My concern is just how much DLC they will throw at it right away. The deluxe edition is just for early access to certain weapons (I'd assume you unlock them?) and two exclusive emotes. The first map is free. I haven't heard anything about a season pass yet. I don't mind big expansions, I hate 5 different small map packs that split a community. Speaking of Republic Commando, the lead guy on it is working on Halo 5. It seems Halo 5 is kind of the spiritual successor to Republic Commando. You have a team and give them commands, you and them can be downed, etc. I was surprised to hear that. Another video
  17. [Delete this topic]

    I think something like this could work. Warthunder has trees you can run over, but some really big ones you can't run over and if you hit certain ones at lower speeds your crew can get injured or even knocked out and your vehicle can take damage. They also can reduce your speed enough to the point of not being able to just bulldoze through a bunch. Trees being knocked over can also give your position away. I don't think SQUAD should have one burst of machine gun fire able to knock down a tree like in Warthunder though.
  18. VideoGamerGuy's Videos!

    Thanks for the video. I like the new scopes. Love how smooth the transition animation is. PR can have some jittery scope transition animations.
  19. Steam Summer Sale

    I loved Metro 2033 and Last light, but I haven't played the Redux versions. I'm content with the originals. I'd install Enhanced Steam to see if games you are buying are cheaper anywhere else first. Other retailers will run sales to compete with the summer sale sometimes. Recommendations: Valkryia Chronicles is really good so far, picked it up a few months ago and have to finish it still. Men of war 1 and/or Assault Squad (I've heard to buy assault squad 2 because it's the same game as 1 but improved. Steamworks Multiplayer and optimizations. I only own AS1) are really good. Tip: You can use backspace to slow down time if you are feeling overwhelmed. The second russian mission in MOW1 can do that to people. Probably the best world war 2 RTS/RTT in recent years. The developers are making a new game called Call To Arms which is like modern day men of war. Looking to buy: Wargame: European Escalation, Wargame: Red Dragon, Silent Hunter 3. Currently the WARGAME series pack is $25 on Steam and $12 on Amazon. Hoping Steam drops it to the $8 it was in May.
  20. Syrian civil war

    Project Reality has a Syrian Rebels faction. I'd like to see a faction similar to it in SQUAD too.
  21. Combat Footage

    Video attempts to match the audio. Audio is the real reason for the video
  22. Predict an E3 game reveal

    My predictions: New Red Faction (Nordic wants to do it and owns the engines used to make the RF games) Darksiders 3 (Nordic wants to do it and get the old team back together) Metro 3 (4A has said they're working on a new open world game. I hope it's a new Metro that is open like STALKER) Halo Master chief collection for PC (Halo Online gives me hope, despite sort of being Russian exclusive. Plus Windows 10 getting closer.) Metal gear rising 2 (Platinum is announcing a new game at E3, but due to the drama with Konami recently it's probably not MGR. Could be though)
  23. With the news of Fool's Road being remade I had a thought. The fortress in Fool's Road has a lot of lights inside it and I always found it funny how shooting and explosions don't do anything to them. Is it possible to do destructible lights without it being really performance intensive? Is the community interested in something like this? I personally like the thought of a firefight in a building and lights being blown out by grenades or bullets. Now it's dark and both teams are on edge because they can't see. Maybe they can throw flares to add some light. Of course the same way with dark maps there is an issue of people raising their gamma and such to be able to see anyway.
  24. Small Details

    One of the recent updates shows some interior decorations http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=28
  25. Haha. What's Super Insurgents first person view look like? Or better yet, little man's first person view of super insurgent.