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  1. Rounds are too long.

    I agree with most of the points what i read from answers. There's big advantages from longer rounds and every now and then I see really good comebacks in the game. My first post was maybe little "exaggerated" towards shorter rounds, sorry for that. Wrecked was not the best word to describe losing. Sure as a Squad leader you should never give up. What I tried to say was something like this: Sometimes you have 2-4 clans on other team, and 0 on yours, and during round start there's 4 squads in your team but only one of them is communicating. And when start timer finally ends there's couple squads "stuck" on the main base and don't know what to do. When this kind of round lasts over an hour yes, i'm really exhausted. From the game speed; I never played PR and Arma I played only in offline, so don't know how the round lengths feels on those games. As well my experience from fast paced games is close to zero. Actually my experience from any other game than Squad is close to zero, but after 1000+ hours experience from Squad i find this as a really fast paced game. After a flag has been neutralized from enemies (enemy rallies & fob's), placing good FOB close to the next flag, get close rally & push to that next flag with full squad takes easily under 5 minutes from one squad, depending of the map & layout of course. If everything goes well, you get that flag as soon as that previous flag is captured. Sure it don't go like this most of the time, but for me this is the ideal scenario, and that's my goal in the game. Sure sometimes you need to wait that extra minute to get your squad together, but as well often you don't have that one extra minute. And i can't say that i'm 100% happy with new ticket bleed system, but for sure i'm more happy from this ticket-bleed system than from previous ones. I really like that the whole round is not based on one flag anymore. Like I said biggest issue for me is the length of the rounds, not the ticket-bleed system. I just feel that on average level shorter rounds are better than long ones. Sure I loved it when in v9 round was really balanced and it lasted over an hour, and ticket gap was <50 at the end. Now the rounds just don't feel balanced but takes still long time to end, and i find that kind of frustrating, especially if i'm playing as a SL. I really liked what i read, I didn't really think before that map size should effect on the round time so much. Personally I like smaller maps & shorter rounds, but sure bigger maps should have longer rounds. Big thanks from the update! For me this sounds really promising, cant wait for this
  2. Rounds are too long.

    I like to play as a squad leader, and it's not a problem if my team gets wrecked I can still live with that. The thing is that usually after 0-10min of start you can see already if your team gets wrecked, if you wreck the other team or if the round will be more or less balanced. So the problem for me is that it just sucks if you need to wait over 45min that you lose and can get that new change. I'm not a fan of this new ticket-bleed system, but I think that by reducing the amount of tickets on start with like -100 or -200 tickets (depending of the map & layout) you could get much better quality to the gameplay. It's really exhausting if the games takes too long to end, doesn't matter if you win or lose. This is just one sl's opinion, but i know that im not alone with this feeling. Even as a stupid rifleman (what is my second favorite kit) rounds that lasts over 1 hour are exhausting. PS: Please give us some night maps (AAS/PAAS). I love Chora night but it's only in inf or ins mode :'( As well i cant wait to play Al Bashrah at night.
  3. Alpha 9.9

    Guys I think you took a big step forward with fps now, I got already +100fps on full server! Running with 1440p (GTX1080 & Ryzen 1700x). But sadly this is not on all servers and not on all maps, but the direction looks really good now.
  4. Alpha 9.9

    First of all, OWI You guys are doing great work with the game, you have really good game coming up. I don't care when you are going to release the game because I can still play it, so please take your time now before the big release. Thanks from the hot fixes what You did release recently. But for me You should focus on small things, example flying bodies, all EAC errors, map errors, body parts sticking thru walls (you can kill thru wall), healing thru walls, 7.1 headphones bad support (not sure if other guys have this, but i do. I got STRIX 7.1 headphones, and bass level is bad from some directions) etc. I know that there are still some issues on the game what can give you really bad game experience. I think it would be cool to get some easy reporting tool where we could upload our log files & describe the failure so we could support You at least like that. For sure the animations & helicopters etc. what we are going to get looks really awesome, but i'm kind of scaring them as well.. + I personally would like to get more night maps, I can't wait to see Al Basrah at night, or any other desert maps. This message is not a complaint, I just tell You my honest opinion here & I try to be supportive that's all
  5. So, after the update somewhere around mid June, the game started to crash randomly, without any warnings or notes after the crash. Sometimes it will take 15 minutes to crash, and sometimes the game can run 2 hours without crashing. Squad version: I did reinstall EAC, Microsoft visual, game itself and cleared log files without any success, the game keeps still crashing. My PC: -AMD Ryzen 1700X -ASUS GTX1080 -ASUS Crosshair VI hero -4x HyperX Fury DDR4 8Gb 2400MHz Sometimes I get this message: "Squad.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x00007FF898D3A700 referenced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program." But that is coming maybe every 5th time. Normally there is nothing showing up after the game has crashed. Last events from log files from the latest crash: [2017.07.06-19.38.06:466][473]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] Daniel has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.10:139][647]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] Everyday Broom Salesman has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.33:660][809]LogSkeletalMesh: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : Could not find root physics body: Turret_SkeletalMesh [2017.07.06-19.38.43:711][288]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] bogdan<RangersPL> has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.54:672][822]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] created88 has connected. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogThreadingWindows:Error: Runnable thread RenderThread 1 crashed. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: === [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error: [File:d:\g\pipelines\a-9\S\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 791] [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Rendering thread exception: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error! [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0x0c615d50 [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: KERNEL32.DLL [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: Crash in runnable thread RenderThread 1 [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows:Error: HandleError re-entered. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]Log file closed, 07/06/17 21:39:06 I didn't find any info concerning this issue. As well I did contact to Squad developers via e-mail & bug report sheet, but I haven't got any kind of answer, which is really bad on my opinion. The game is really good, but it's really sad that there is really big issue on the game itself but it feels like that nobody cares about that.