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  1. High End PC: Low Performance

    What laptop is this
  2. Ranking System (without XP)

    This is something if the sort I was talking about in clab marchs yes in public servers yoyrbget a team mp rank tgo for that game Personal states for killed receive that are not shared yes time in rabj would be useful to share with sl would be good
  3. It was a on topics as its trobule shooting lol You was told by a kodsartor the other day to be nice not mean remember that
  4. This is a friendly website I'm talking from experience
  5. Dedicated Squads

    What English and its a friendly game and site
  6. Dedicated Squads

    I have delxsira
  7. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Para plays! What's discord for?
  8. Laptops that work with squad

    OK ever played with doctor hammer?
  9. Laptops that work with squad

    Help looking for a laptop to play squad faster my current laptop is a l50 laptop Toshiba and the ram is 8gb but cpu and gpu are to slow I played squad two weeks ago I'm also looking for prices of mics that as good and will last a few years thanks in advance
  10. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Para plays!
  11. Alpha 9.6 Feedback

    Also add a rule that soany players must be on your team before you can lock ?
  12. Laptops that work with squad

    What do you play on like specs costs etc I'm from the UK so dollars is not good to me lol
  13. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Hear its due the other day alpha ten due with ib the next 3 months what I heard of YouTube!!
  14. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Thanks man
  15. Dedicated Squads

    This is a friendly zone people not a bullying zone
  16. Dedicated Squads

    You do realize the scores aren't legit as the devs had said? Then learn some English and read
  17. Dedicated Squads

    Do note servers can only have 9 squads plus When heilo are add I believe they should be limited fuel to half the map size then ur fuel runs out only a few rockets and mini guns mainly only transport heilos as they resisticjibg spamming pilots etc for these roles commander role to be add to this squad and requested like system as well as no respawn of these assets so when helos are gone that's it no air surpport for the whole match over 3 rounds if a match is 5 rounds at the 3 round these are renewed same as vechles for continued matches with rules in place so winning teams only get back those vehicle that survive while the enemy who was defeated get all vehicles but a 30 second delay what's peoples thoughts
  18. Dedicated Squads

    I do English prefectly I'm English born and bred from the black country to people who don't know the area its in the united kingdom look it up
  19. Laptops that work with squad

    I've taken a look at this but its out of my budget plus it only minimum atm
  20. Laptops that work with squad

    Cheers for the help
  21. Dedicated Squads

    How that's what servers did in pr
  22. Laptops that work with squad

    How much in punds and from where mate
  23. Dedicated Squads

    They could use a force join a squad for squad as in PR?
  24. Dedicated Squads

    It's on most servers the same I seen it in
  25. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Who knows