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  1. Alpha 10 Released

    No mention of British army as suggested by devs on recap Feb can you update the WiFi part of the squad website so people can see and plan squad roles? As its help for for new and existing sl thanks
  2. V10 release February 5th!

    No mention of UK Army in release
  3. Why are role selection made as it is?

    I'd you had a core inventory system per squad / per team restrictions similar to kit roles restrictions is the only other way which will never happen
  4. Ideas For New Roles

    I think ander would be more of ab option in the setting up stage so the sl would get it would be voted in by there team but would he unlocked after half full team?
  5. November 2017 Recap

    I'm guessing what's been said in the recap is not all wants going to be in release of av10
  6. November 2017 Recap

    Read the recap again this is a preview of av10 not the release as its on pause so to speak
  7. November 2017 Recap

    I doubt we will get v10 before Christmas as it states at the first paragraph all major works have stopped and buga are now going to be first on agenda before Christmas break I'd say may 2018 with more tiles and more stuff at a guess???
  8. High End PC: Low Performance

    What laptop is this
  9. Ranking System (without XP)

    This is something if the sort I was talking about in clab marchs yes in public servers yoyrbget a team mp rank tgo for that game Personal states for killed receive that are not shared yes time in rabj would be useful to share with sl would be good
  10. It was a on topics as its trobule shooting lol You was told by a kodsartor the other day to be nice not mean remember that
  11. This is a friendly website I'm talking from experience
  12. Dedicated Squads

    What English and its a friendly game and site
  13. Dedicated Squads

    I have delxsira
  14. Alpha 9.7 Released

    Para plays! What's discord for?
  15. Laptops that work with squad

    OK ever played with doctor hammer?