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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BRA] in Sumari TC v1
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    [BRA] in Gorodok
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  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BRA] in Mestia AAS v1
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BRA] in Al Basrah TC v1
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    [BRA] in Chora AAS v1
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    [BRA] in Yehorivka AAS v5
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    [BRA] in. Chora AAS v2
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    [BRA] in. Mestia AAS v1
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    [BRA] in. Mestia AAS v2
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    Post deleted
  12. What is the build area of a FOB?

    What is the build area of a FOB? Every single site has a different answer... it seems V10 changed it, or am I wrong?
  13. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    Does anyone have a mortar calculator that works with elevation? I'm having troubles hitting targets on Mestia
  14. Oh, this is unfortunate. I loved the idea of OP because it requires someone's approval to have the sniper role, as most players wouldn't see "Spotter squad" or something along these lines to be desirable and the requirement to have the Spotter (that can kick the Sniper anytime he wants) would possibly prevent most of the "Lone-Wolf Sniper" cases. I just registered on the forum to comment on this thread because after a match in Al Basrah that I just played on , where my squad rushed Refinery and defended it to block the Insurgents from capping the other flags (it was AAS V1), I got designated to stay on the north watching the area where the enemy would possibly try to backdoor/flank us, so I got on top of a silo and tried watching the desert, I had the Riflemen + Red Dot role, couldn't switch with someone because the other guys with optics had to watch the buildings in the south and I realized that watching the desert on North and West was difficult on the aspect of spotting enemies and warning my Squad leader to warn other squads where the enemy scouts were placing the mines and ieds,so I had to leave my squad, become a squad leader (on a empty squad) and use my binoculars instead and all of this seemed too unrealistic,as in real life a riflemen wouldn't do this and a 1 man squad squad leader wouldn't exist. Before you say: "Oh but you should've been a Designated Marksmen instead", however , in real life this wouldn't be the role of a designated marksmen, it would be the job of a Forward Observer or a sniper, as seen on many Reconnaissance battalions around the world; and I thought "Well, this would be the right time to have a sniper on the team" as I couldn't properly shoot down enemies putting explosives on choke points or making FOBs in hidden areas to prepare flanking attacks, but at the same time I thought that for this to happen it would need some way to prevent snipers from being useless/lone wolfs/self-centered players and I believe that OP's suggestion would solve the problem.