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  1. Basic Tactical Situations

    Awesome response! I think I could definitely benefit a whole lot from thinking more about flanking as well as remembering that the squad is highly mobile and does not need to (nor should) engage threats unless it is for cap/defense purposes.
  2. Basic Tactical Situations

    I would like to initiate a discussion of specific infantry and combined arms tactics. There are so many different topics to discuss, and I don't really know where to start, so I'm just gonna dive right in (I am fairly new, I am looking for your insights). I would love to see a full treatment of most tactical situations in order to better the knowledge base of all players, so I'm just gonna list some. After each situation, the question I am asking is essentially what do you do? 1. Your squad has moved into a small village with sparse forest and hills surrounding it. You start taking light fire from the treeline and hills. There isn't much danger of a full wipe, but people will get hit. 2. Your squad is moving through a sparse forest/hills area and starts taking light fire from an unknown source. Once again, not much danger of a full wipe, but people will get hit. 3. The last two situations, however this time it is heavy fire. There is serious danger of a full wipe. 4. Your squad has successfully made it to a village/compound where you believe enemies are inside. No contact has been made yet. 5. Number 4 but light contact has been made. 6. Number 4 but heavy contact. 7. You are holding a village/compound with no contact. 8. 7 but with light contact. 9. 7 but with heavy contact. There's many more I can think of but I'm getting tired of typing.
  3. Feature Request: Listen to Mic

    Yeah that's another thing I realize I want, an auto reduction to my squad chat when command is trying to tell me about a new tactical situation. Ofc, the real solution here is to probably be a bit more hardass SL and tell your squad to keep the squad chatter to a minimum unless it is essential information. TBH I think local chat should be louder than squad chat (probably not true if you are SL though), because that is where people will call for medic, warn about frags/vehicles, or ask for assistance in clearing a building. As a whole I love the VOIP system in squad, but there is definitely plenty of room for improvement. I'm not sure this is something the devs should really even think about though just cuz they have so much other stuff to do. Thanks for the great responses Skul. I'll give that AHK script a shot. Also good point about the drivers, I recently updated GeForce Experience and it made squad run at 10fps until I completely uninstalled it (now I get around average 30fps, on really optimized maps i get 60 though).
  4. Scrambling teams

    This is an urgent necessity because of the steam sale.
  5. Feature Request: Listen to Mic

    What I am specifically talking about is a feature that lets you listen to your mic while you are transmitting only. It's pretty much built in to windows except it stays on all the time. While playing, I often find myself speaking loudly or quietly because I can't tell how I sound to other players. This seems like it would be a really simple feature to add, and very possibly could make communications even more effective between teammates, in a game where communication is the most important aspect. Additionally, this could also improve the realism/RPing aspect of the game, since many real life headsets let you hear yourself speak while transmitting, also in IRL you can generally hear yourself while talking With that said, I could certainly get used to talking without hearing myself, and I might just make an autohotkey script to toggle the Windows listen to mic feature on and off whenever I press the transmit button.