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  1. Hi There, We have recently been approved to be a licensed server which is awesome, thank you very much! What comes with that, instantly, is lots of players (which is great!) One thing I have noticed is that when the server is busy, the network throughput is very high. Now some of you may say thats normal but the amount of transferred data in and out seems a lot. attached is a screenshot of the last 24 hours for my server which was fairly busy (64 slots). What are your thoughts?
  2. High Network Usage/Throughput

    Does include VoIP yes. This is my first time hosting a game server of this size so I just wanted to check. You explained it clearly and as you say it seems lightweight/normal. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Server unreachable after 24 hours

    I experienced this with Linux so moved over to the Windows build and it's been much more solid.
  4. Legendary Life UK

    Hi There, My name is Grimesy, I am an experienced server admin in both Linux and Windows as part of my daily job! However a side from that, I love to play FPS shooters and my latest thrill seems to be Squad. My friends and I have just setup a new UK based dedicated server (hosted in Microsoft Azure) for us and anyone else to play! No team/clan required and most definitely newbie welcome. We have applied to become a licensed server as we are more than qualified to host a professional server. However until then we are on the custom server list down as "Legendary Life UK - New players welcome" We hope you stop by for some fun (and not so serious) Squad shooting fun! Grimesy