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  1. Server Closed Connection

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vLVejnytCX5WZV_ysF8qBUx7F8NpYOdM/view?usp=sharing Logs for most recent crash report. I looked through them and did not see anything that stuck out, but I am also not very smart. This has been going on for a short time. It does not seem to be server or map specific. Sometimes I can play for 2 minutes, others I can play for 20.
  2. Server Closed Connection

    OS: Windows 10 CPU: I7-8700k GPU: GTX 1080Ti RAM: 32GB Is your RAM page file size set to automatic? Yes, verified Are your Windows/GPU Up-To-Date? Yes, verified Are you using a laptop? No Have you tried to clear cache manually? Yes Are you getting random CTDs? (Crash to desktop) No, only Server Closed Connection Could you provide me Squad log file for me to look at? Yes, once I figure out how to do so.