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  1. What is the purpose of modding?

    What is the purpose of your question actually? That, for me, is being harder to answer right now. Some mods were considered so good they were implemented on the vanilla game. Some mod devs were hired. Some other people mod for fun, experimenting with stuff. So? What is so strange about this for you?
  2. In my opinion suppression is a horrible idea that shouldn't be given any chance whatsoever. Just one of those features that are trending in realistic games right now, so everyone has to implement it in some way.
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Games on divsul have been quite balanced recently my friend, I think you are losing out. That's the advantage of having some clans on the same server I guess, they stack on opposite teams. I do get the frustration though, I've been avoiding SL'ing for a while, sometimes it feels like herding cattle.
  4. I agree. Maybe have 1 or 2 separate tracer mags that you could select for specific situations.
  5. I can't help but feel you guys are using the mgs wrong. Almost every time I use them, the results are really good. You can't expose yourself, you have to lock down a lane usually.
  6. The trajectory isn't parabolic IRL because of air resistance. Because of this, I think bullets should have flatter trajectory out to 300m, and begin to fall more sharply beyond that.
  7. You ask if this has been discussed before? HAHAHA I'm surprised no one posted a response for you yet. I'll also keep this short: Yeah, it's one of the problems with this game. Everyone has this issue, except rich bastards who own 4k monitors. People got used to it after playing a bunch, even though it still sucks. You seem to have some game time, you speak of A8. Haven't you got used to it somehow?
  8. TOW System Tracking gates

    The unfinished state of the game is the problem here. It will probably get IR in the future. If you think about it, vehicles in the game are WW2 tech. No gun stabilisation, no IR, no fire control.....a simple guided missile like the TOW is enough to wreck them easily right now.
  9. Yeah I think what happens is bullet drop is exaggerated a bit in order to make it more meaningful to gameplay. OR..... It doesn't take air resistance in account in the right way. I mean, it feels like bullets in game make a very uniform arc when dropping. I believe that's not the case in reality, as bullets don't have a specially high ballistic coefficient. What I think happens IRL is that they go quite flat for the first 300m, due to their sheer speed, but after that they start dropping in a more pronounced way, as much of the initial energy has been dissipated. Of course, all that comes from my knowledge in physics, and I know I'm right in theory, but to what extent, I don't know.
  10. You could be right in general terms, just a note: unlike other games, bullets in squad don't come out of your eyes, but indeed the gun barrel, so height-over-bore is a thing. Your second rifle drawing is wrong in that respect. I know for a fact some sights are more "true" than others. The Russian 1p78 is used with a 300m zero originally, it's on a 100m zero in game.
  11. A better tactical map

    I don't see your point. To me a topographical map is way easier to understand, even for the supposed BF demographic that the devs are also, supposedly, trying to convert.
  12. Map vote system

    I understand TheRed's concern. In the little while I played PR, I feel like it was always on Muttrah city. Or Saaremaa. The game had a million maps, mostly awesome ones, and they were never played. Having said that, on the servers I play here in Squad, the admins already do the 3 map vote thingy on the chat and it usually works out fine. But it isn't on every match ending....
  13. Am I the only one that thinks Kohat looked way better on v10? It was a beautiful map, until someone had the idea of slapping that hideous green filter over it. Can we get old Kohat visuals back? What do you guys think?
  14. This has been a problem on nearly every modern game that requires you to spot your enemy. And I've never seen a good solution. Heck, I don't remember seeing A solution. Shadows are one of the most resource intensive features, and one of the most important for spotting, so this is a very, VERY hard problem to solve. I don't think some of you guys appreciate that. The problem is also compounded by the fact UE4 is shit. It's way too heavy for what it is.
  15. Close air support

    I think any kind of off-map stuff or AI air support is a terrible idea. You want artillery? Mortars. You want CAS? Helos are coming. Players must be involved.
  16. Vehicle reset feature

    -1 to reset feature. +1 to tow hook, a la War Thunder. But Squad's physics has a long road ahead before this is viable. And I'm with @Zylfrax791 here. Vehicles actually behave in a very realistic manner, apart from feeling a little too weightless for me. And also the rubberbanding. And the desyncs. Well....
  17. Exactly. Actually, current suppression mechanics are kinda helpful, it allows you to know if the shots you are hearing are directed to your person. But anyway, with experience in this game I usually can tell when it's a competent player pinning me to a corner or when it's just a noob spraying and yelling "suppressive fire". Sometimes I take my chances when it's the latter, not with the first.

    This must be a troll. I mean, that title in all caps, citing BF, CoD, PUBG..... That's quite amusing sir.
  19. Well it seems the devs finally gave in to the constant whining on the forums. Let's just hope for the best.
  20. Performance took at hit after 10 release?

    It's interesting that for some people it's better now, but for others it's the opposite. No use clearing caches and such, he's probably on the same boat as I am.
  21. Logi truck lacks horse power

    In my experience, they do climb the hills, albeit slowly. I've tackled almost 45 degree slopes with logis, but you have to be patient.
  22. Performance took at hit after 10 release?

    V9 was the smoothest running version, performance went downhill after v10. So, your guess is right.
  23. Logi truck lacks horse power

    Inclines can be deceiving in games. Sometimes you are going up a 30 degree or more hill, there's no truck I know that does this fast. Heck, there's no vehicle, apart from competition ones, that can go uphill like that very fast. In the end, it's all about the power to weight ratio, and trucks don't excel at that.
  24. Physics?

    Well, they have to overhaul it eventually. I don't see helicopters working with the current state of vehicle physics. Can you imagine rubberbanding mid air?
  25. New Maps

    About the player base.... Guys. This game needs a very beefy pc in order to run semi properly. People buy the game, like it, but then run away when they notice you need more than 17 fps to play decently. The player base will never be very big with this level of performance.