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  1. Have you guys ever noticed something on the maps that seem off? Like, weird when compared to reality? First one for me is the terrain on fool's road. There are some really steep hills, but instead of their sides being eroded and showing rocks, they are made of soil. The general height map doesn't seem natural also, the mountains and valleys are very obviously artificial, made with gameplay in mind. The other is very odd to me. The roads in Belaya. There are SO MANY of them, and they serve nooooo purpose! I open up the map and get like "wtf?" Why are there so many large roads leading nowhere? Connecting to each other? Does this feel odd to you?
  2. "Believability" of maps, realism

    So, you are saying that its quality is it's dullness? Like fighting on foot on the deserts outside basrah? That's really boring. Territory control will suck on it, every part of the front will be exactly the same. Actually, anything will suck on it. It's just bad. The opinions I hear on the servers seem to be on the same line: "ah not this map, it sucks". It's made worse by the US vs INS layer being so unbalanced.
  3. "Believability" of maps, realism

    So, back to this topic again! For not so good reasons...Kamdesh. It's like Belaya, just worse. The roads make even less sense. The map is just a slab with hills and the same old villages every now and then. Belaya at least has a train tunnel, an apartment block/town, a factory, Kamdesh has nothing. No real interesting terrain, no choke points, nothing. A bunch of roads that lead nowhere, generic hills in-between, and identical villages. It's....isotropic. Boring. To end this on a more positive note, I loved the assets, the aesthetic is perfect. But it lacks substance. I hope this latest trend in released maps changes, they aren't to par with the old ones.
  4. He was talking about FOB Connelly, go take a look.
  5. Serious Issue

    Yeah I remember muting a player and still hearing him.
  6. Identifying a military installation with buildings and such 1km away is actually quite easy bro, especially with binoculars. Squad manages something unique: graphics suck and performance is terrible. I wonder why devs insist on making their games top tier on graphics. It reduces the potential player base significantly. I remember a discussion here about v10 player count dropping, and people putting that on gameplay changes that weren't enjoyed. Oh no, the explanation is probably simpler: people came back when v10 launched, only to give up because performance was terrible. I know some people that won't buy Squad because they can't run it. Seriously, top tier graphics are really bad for a game's popularity.
  7. Ranging weapons.. system feedback.

    +1 on that. The system is unnecessarily clunky.
  8. Conquest MODE

    Very specific, as in: Unbalanced. There's already a thread about this on the general discussion forum, not gonna derail this thread here. On topic: I would like to see more 3 flag conquest layers. More game modes are always nice, especially when they aren't linear like AAS.
  9. Conquest MODE

    Haven't played enough to comment on that, but I think it's more a problem of insurgents being a worse faction overall. Which is a big problem in the game as a whole. But I liked the 3 flag setup, I think it bears promise.
  10. I love when people say they like the challenge of playing INS/Mil. If it's a challenge, then you admit it's unbalanced. Then people give examples of cool and smart irregular tactics, the way to victory. Except if the regulars also use their assets smartly, you are screwed. No escaping it: AAS pitting asymmetrical forces is bad design. Regular armies will be better in combat, period. Increasing ticket count for irregulars makes nothing to decrease player frustration.
  11. G3 Damage

    I have only one issue with the G3, apart from it being crap overall (it's an old school battle rifle after all). Try adjusting the sights for beyond 100m. Impossible to see anything. The rear peep doesn't blur like in real life, so it feels like you are sighting your enemy through a keyhole.
  12. AK-12

    Except the Russian army isn't using it yet.
  13. Ah! Did you get any experience in firing against a moving target? My guess is that the new system is mixed follow/intercept. So, indeed, the missile can use an intercept trajectory if it knows relative target position and range. Ingenious. And if you say the missile overshoots a little.... Then maybe they should look into their PID tuning =P But I can see why that could be intentional.
  14. @Gopblin That missile in the video is probably not a TOW. The TOW's flight motor only stays on for 1.6 seconds, and it's dual exhaust ports are sideways mounted.
  15. You don't seem to understand much about guidance, but I spent some time studying the TOW in particular, and there's something quite obvious: it uses "follow" guidance (dunno the specific jargon). What you seem to expect is called "intercept" guidance, which is usually only used against aerial targets AFAIK. This type of guidance has a problem when working too close to the surface: depending on the target's movement, the missile can be tricked into crashing into the ground. Now, looking at the mechanism used to guide the TOW, it can only be "follow" guidance, as the missile's only steering information is the gunner's sight. It keeps the missile centered on the crosshairs, and that's it. Obviously, for that it needs a specific PID tuning, but that's beyond what we will ever know.
  16. Conquest MODE

    I think the bleed changes were only for AAS. Would make no sense if conquest had no bleed. On a side note: Basrah conquest ROCKS. Hope to see more layers and maps with 3 flag conquest, the game is way more dynamic.
  17. I do understand. Like I said before, you have no idea, but you want it your way anyway. Just admit it
  18. So basically, you are complaining the missile doesn't work the way you think it should work, even though you have zero knowledge on the system, and zero experience with it in real life? Ah... In that case: you have no idea of what you are talking about. Neither do I. You would have to have fired one, or know how the PID is set-up, the control mechanism etc. In the end, it's just that the missile isn't to your taste, right?
  19. Everything is working fine. I don't understand what is your problem with the TOW, it goes exactly where you point it.
  20. New V11 name tags?

    Best nametags are v9 nametags? Are you guys insane? They are much better now. The delay is quite similar to what we had in PR, and it works pretty well. Only 2 things that I think need to improve: 1 - the font is hard to read. Dunno why, I guess it has something to do with 3d rendering. PR had 1 pixel thick tags and were very easy to read. I like small tags, but I can't make them too small here. 2 - They need to be above the player's head at all times. At longer distances they become superimposed on the player, and it can get kinda confusing. If those 2 issues are solved, game over. Perfect.
  21. Just because you want to solo a vehicle on a server where no one speaks your language? No.
  22. I wonder why someone prefers irons... Can you clarify?
  23. Some stuff has been different there in the past, so it could be. But remember testing it on the first day of the public test, and it was working fine. Gonna test again.