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  1. HMG bullet drop very exaggerated

    I think you didn't understand. I'm talking about actual bullet drop, not sights. This happens to every HMG in the game, including those without optics.
  2. So, since I started playing Squad, I had the impression that .50 and 12.7 rounds dropped too quickly with range, but some days ago I went to the firing range and finally tested it. Got the SVD on hand and the CROWS on the range, shot the small, round 300m targets. With the SVD I had to compensate very little, around the height of the lower leg of the number 3, while with the M2 I had to aim way higher. I guess this is a form of providing some balance? It's very weird anyway....
  3. Alpha 9.9

    I was very critical of the game's performance so far, and actually skeptical that performance could be improved too much. Glad I was wrong, I finally had some fun on basrah and narva yesterday.
  4. Vehicle Approval Suggestion

    How wasn't this suggested before? Damn.....+1
  5. Optimization

    A lot of technical discussion over here eh? I'm not gonna pretend I know all that, but as a player, I can notice some things. What really matters to me is gameplay, eye candy is waaay down on my priority list. And from what I see (I'm really guessing here), that's what really matters when we look at a game's popularity. Some really dated games remain popular today not because of appearance, but because they feel good to play. Damn, even PR still has people playing it. Squad has awesome gameplay, but it's in no way complex enough to justify it running so badly. It also, to be honest, looks like sh1t. Then comes the argument "but it's still in development, it's an alpha" - no sh1t sherlock. Problem is, I know there are a lot of people who would want to play it, but can't. When you develop a game on an early access model, in which you depend on people buying the game to develop it, and at the same time you stop a lot of people from buying it because it needs a top gaming rig...well..... That's a very bad recipe isn't it? I personally only bought it because it was 50% off, and I decided to try it and refund if it ran too bad on my machine. I had already read horror stories of people with i7's having performance issues, so I was worried. Unlucky me, I spent my refund period playing OP first light with 15 people on the server.
  6. Game uses up all ram?

    Squad's well done audio system? Sorry, there's nothing special about it in a player's point of view. Gun sounds change so much and in such an artificial way with distance that I personally think it sucks. I'm pretty sure newer engines do more, I'm just failing to see the benefit for the player. I mean, PR had some really bad limitations like firing rate and other stuff, but that's it. Squad has better gunplay and that's basically it for now.
  7. Game uses up all ram?

    Funny how games tend to require higher specs and gameplay doesn't change much. PR has more complex gameplay and higher player capacity, and doesn't use that much power. To be honest, Squad's visuals or complexity don't justify it being so heavy on processing power. I can tell it prevents a LOT of new players buying the game.
  8. Game uses up all ram?

    I don't have any error, I already have a page file set up. The problem is that when the game reaches this state, the game gets VERY laggy. And this is the first game I played that uses more than 8gb so....
  9. Game uses up all ram?

    I have 8 gigs of ram here and a few matches after starting, the game starts to lag badly. Task manager shows 20mb of ram left. What's the deal? Is Squad so badly optimized I need 16 or 32 gb? Is something wrong on my computer?
  10. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    That's an important question. I would also like to ask the guys here with military experience: why would a soldier not want to use an optic, barring house to house fighting? Because in PR every soldier had the option to use a scope, which isn't the case here.