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  1. Game uses up all ram?

    I don't have any error, I already have a page file set up. The problem is that when the game reaches this state, the game gets VERY laggy. And this is the first game I played that uses more than 8gb so....
  2. Game uses up all ram?

    I have 8 gigs of ram here and a few matches after starting, the game starts to lag badly. Task manager shows 20mb of ram left. What's the deal? Is Squad so badly optimized I need 16 or 32 gb? Is something wrong on my computer?
  3. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    That's an important question. I would also like to ask the guys here with military experience: why would a soldier not want to use an optic, barring house to house fighting? Because in PR every soldier had the option to use a scope, which isn't the case here.