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  1. That doesn't exist in real vehicles as far as I'm aware. Even in modern ones, the driver has the old 3 periscope arrangement.
  2. Squad leader tracers have nothing to do with game balance. A large mag rifle meant for suppression? What?
  3. Price

    Holy crap, that's like 8 times the price I paid (it was on sale, 50% off). Thank you steam, for making games way cheaper where I live!
  4. Thoughts on Suppression

    But there are many different factors in PS. Spawning is more limited, and also, the common rifleman is equipped with a craptastic bolt action rifle, a weapon that was arguably obsolete at the beginning of ww2, so the gap between them and an mg is a lot bigger.
  5. Educated guess: The wall of smoke in front of you caused by the primary rocket engine.
  6. Thoughts on Suppression

    That's basically what I've been saying about this. Getting hit in Squad is no big deal. No wonder people just don't care. Just one thing: the ammo changes that are planned to come might balance out factor #2, that remains to be seen.
  7. Well, they actually are dominating. I just don't think they need nerfing, they are the king of infantry weapons after all. And I agree with him that the marksman is a bit weak perhaps, now the GL I think should be situational, as it kinda is right now.
  8. I'm with Noobgamer on this one. Of course it's a matter of finding the sweet spots, it's called situational awareness, and it permeates this entire game. The mgs are in a good spot balance-wise.
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Well, I have a hunch it's more like a "you" problem than a "they" problem. But what do I know, right?
  10. What is the purpose of modding?

    What is the purpose of your question actually? That, for me, is being harder to answer right now. Some mods were considered so good they were implemented on the vanilla game. Some mod devs were hired. Some other people mod for fun, experimenting with stuff. So? What is so strange about this for you?
  11. In my opinion suppression is a horrible idea that shouldn't be given any chance whatsoever. Just one of those features that are trending in realistic games right now, so everyone has to implement it in some way.
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Games on divsul have been quite balanced recently my friend, I think you are losing out. That's the advantage of having some clans on the same server I guess, they stack on opposite teams. I do get the frustration though, I've been avoiding SL'ing for a while, sometimes it feels like herding cattle.
  13. I agree. Maybe have 1 or 2 separate tracer mags that you could select for specific situations.
  14. I can't help but feel you guys are using the mgs wrong. Almost every time I use them, the results are really good. You can't expose yourself, you have to lock down a lane usually.
  15. The trajectory isn't parabolic IRL because of air resistance. Because of this, I think bullets should have flatter trajectory out to 300m, and begin to fall more sharply beyond that.