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  1. 1 - Of course we are all earning. But when a developer decides to make a game for a specific audience, instead of the maximum number of players possible, I guess you can say there's another motivation besides just financial success. 2 - Am I the one disregarding? I know pretty well that the decision process puts a lot more weight on the NA and EU players, that's EXACTLY why I'm here saying this to bring this point to the table, in case no one noticed this could be a side effect. 3 - I was talking about that motivation thingy, see #1. 4 - Right, I think I didn't get the message properly. I see your point, because I know the type of player you are talking about. I also see now that you don't have too much time to play, which, for a deep game the likes of Squad, is a serious problem. But my point stays, even because I can see the full list of servers, right? And there aren't many of them to be honest, even counting the whole world. A split like this could be an issue.
  2. I take it that you are part of the dev team? You are earning some cash from the game's development, right? You also ignored my community consideration above, what separating it would entail for smaller groups. This is a niche game. Niche games have to appeal to their specific, who would guess, niche. If the devs wanted loads of money, they would have made a casual game, like BF. But anyway, even considering that they want to tone down the gaming experience to appeal to casuals, it's absolutely natural that we will complain right? And I will keep complaining, just like a lot of other people here.
  3. Please Fix the visibility.

    YOU, dear sir, are onto something here. I suspected the problem in this game isn't exactly the AA, but the excessive graphical information the engine is trying to convey you, even though it can't. Maybe the solution lies in smarter lods, I dunno. As a real life pilot, I have to say though: spotting small aircraft beneath you, against the background of a cluttered city, is quite hard.
  4. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    It's all fault of the terrible visibility we have in game. Hitting targets at 300m with irons isn't very hard, the problem is actually spotting them. The scopes help primarily in spotting the enemy right now.
  5. I played it a little. Unfortunately the gunplay is horrible. Aaaaand helicopters suck. Being a pilot makes me very critical of them.
  6. I have to agree with the guys advocating for this being the only way to play. Specially because I'm from a part of the world with a smaller community, so the possibility of splitting it isn't something that appeals to me. I don't even understand casuals wanting to play this. Even in its current form, this isn't a casual friendly game. They can have their battlefields and cods. There's no game quite like Squad right now, that's the only reason I keep playing it despite its many shortcomings.
  7. Please, YES. All of that. Left a game the other day, defending the fob became the dreaded meat grinder. I spawned 3 or 4 times, only to be killed exiting the hab. Told to myself "I don't wanna play this, thank you". It sucks bad. What exactly do you mean with resource scarcity?
  8. The sole fact that this is actually a discussion (with many threads on the forum) is indicative that this is a major issue. Playing this game feels like your character has bad eyesight.
  9. This is looks bad <----

    Agreed on the gameplay part. Disagreed strongly on the performance part. Actually my gripe here is the performance being so bad while the game also looks really bad. Right now, after v10, I can't enjoy the gameplay because the game runs horribly.
  10. This is looks bad <----

    Let's be honest here guys. Squad looks like crap for a game of this day and age. I'm not talking about the technology either, I'm talking actual design. I remember when I saw a video on yt, when I got to know about the game. It looked like a mod based on a somewhat old engine.
  11. Will we see jets in the future?

    My gripe with this is that everything currently in-game is quite close to it's real life counterparts. Guns can have realistic performance, ground vehicles too. Helicopters are harder, because they would make more sense in a larger combat zone, but still make sense. Now jets, on the other hand, would have to be WAY different to any semblance of realism. Their performance would have to be hugely nerfed to fit in this game.
  12. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    I saw the videos posted here. What is so interesting about them? It was just what I expected, magic bombs from above. What does that bring to gameplay? I really don't see the point beyond "YEAH, BOMBS, AWESOME", or "BRRRRT". I really don't care for both and I am sure they would be detrimental to gameplay.
  13. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    A huge map for multi role fighters would be 1000x1000 km. A plane will cross gorodok in a few seconds, and air-to-air weaponry nowadays goes hundreds of km out. Gorodok is a phone booth for planes.
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Having bombs fall on your head just because someone on the opposing team told the game so, IS an issue itself. Almost a gaming deus ex machina.
  15. New prone delay + latency = useless prone

    Funny you saying prone is useless now, I've never seen people using prone as much as v10. Maybe it's the increased crawl speed and the bipods.