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  1. Just a note: HLL suppression effects are a complete joke. End note.
  2. Suppression sucks. If it starts to make my gun jump around nonsensically it's gonna be ridiculous. You shoot to kill. If you don't kill the enemy, it's because he didn't peek, mission accomplished. If he does, you better hit. People tend to think you just need to spray an area randomly. Gosh...
  3. Bipod seamlessness

    Current bipod implementation is quite fine for me. As already said, the only problem is inconsistent placement. Palace windows on Sumari are a good example.
  4. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    But a BTR is indeed capable of engaging effectively at longer ranges than infantry. Not much of a way around it. You have to have in mind that vehicle damage is going to change, and I have the feeling they will be more vulnerable. Also, in general, the longer range you are talking about is usually below 500m, which is reasonable for decent accuracy.
  5. Pr didn't make me more afraid of bullets or death than squad. It just has horrible gunplay like kisbiflos said, so you have to resort to highly unintuitive and unnatural ways to gauge your aim, like counting...lol. I remember playing it for the first time, testing the guns out alone. When I noticed the game had "invisible deviation", I was very disappointed. Difference is, I only played it more recently. No nostalgia goggles for me, so it's very easy to see the shortcomings.
  6. Deviation is a really bad mechanic. Suppression making you blind is also a really bad mechanic. There's no vaulting, there's no decent bipod system. There's no bullet drop in PR. Honestly, that game did a lot of things right, but infantry combat is totally outdated.
  7. I would agree with you in v9, but now I don't. You don't get stuck on animations anymore, you can cancel them at anytime. I also disagree on that comparison to PR. It does have better pacing in general, but infantry combat is way better in Squad.
  8. Better ingame Maps

    I miss the roads specially. Sometimes they are impossible to see on the map.
  9. "Believability" of maps, realism

    They are kinda obvious aren't they? Reduce or modify the roads in Belaya, apply rocks to fool's slopes or modify the terrain in general, modify the watchtowers to use a believable structure. Things like that. And I disagree with you. Pointing out mistakes that could go by unnoticed is constructive in itself, even if you don't know the solution. Is this some kind of bot?
  10. "Believability" of maps, realism

    People are quite sensitive nowadays eh? I'm not saying it's easy, I'm pointing out stuff that I think is weird on the maps, and that's it. The idea that in order to criticise you need to able to do better is absolutely invalid. Mestia doesn't have the same problem as fools for example, at least in my view. Another example is the HESCO tower, which is absolutely nonsensical in every way, and I don't even think it was the result of ignorance. It probably was just needing them quickly in the game and not having the time to create proper assets. They just used hescos because they were ready.
  11. "Believability" of maps, realism

    HESCO watch towers: yeah they are totally bizarre, forgot about that. @LaughingJackLaughingJack: I think you missed my point completely. The roads in Belaya for example: have you seen a real place with a road network like that? Does that seem realistic? I also disagree with you, terrain realism doesn't depend on the engine at this point, it's purely an artistic skill. Citation needed...
  12. [BUG] stryke wheels stuck

    I'm here to confirm, and it also happens to the BTR. VERY annoying.
  13. Have you guys ever noticed something on the maps that seem off? Like, weird when compared to reality? First one for me is the terrain on fool's road. There are some really steep hills, but instead of their sides being eroded and showing rocks, they are made of soil. The general height map doesn't seem natural also, the mountains and valleys are very obviously artificial, made with gameplay in mind. The other is very odd to me. The roads in Belaya. There are SO MANY of them, and they serve nooooo purpose! I open up the map and get like "wtf?" Why are there so many large roads leading nowhere? Connecting to each other? Does this feel odd to you?
  14. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooo lolli Lollipop

    Yeah. I cannot, in any way, understand why they did this. Down with the lollipop.