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  1. Back up your stuff online!

    Oh Gina Gerson, I will miss you, all 100gb of you.
  2. Back up your stuff online!

    Yea, will definitely look in to it, the PC is in the shop but its not looking good as it went from the telephone cable to the modem and then trough both the electricity and the ethernet cable, so it most likely did hit the motherboard, but I was told that the HDD's might just have burned connections, any which way Im going to try a professional data recoverer if they are a reasonable price. If not, well I did learn a lot, should only take me a 100 hours this time.
  3. Back up your stuff online!

    Yup, I got some bad tinnitus from it too, like a granade exploding in the same room, next few weeks are going to tell if its permanent.
  4. Back up your stuff online!

    I ****ed up. Badly. I didnt back my stuff up online. This is my lesson I guess, my house was struck by lightning a few days ago and that is why I havent been up on discord for a while. Take this lesson from me. I just lost a good 200 hours of progress from this summer. As for the stuff I lost, I only have a few screenshots, but there was a lot more, I mean A LOT MORE. Around 3 vehicles lost with various degrees of progress, like the Arado, Jagdpanther, M4A3, all gone. Around 5 statics like the remagen bridge that was only missing the railing, pathway under it and the towers, a church very far in progress as well,countless details on village layout (like all 150 buildings of Remagen and Erple marked and ID'd) and of the battle (I had researched nearly every unit involved in the battle for appropriate wears and gear (down to the uniforms and experimental weapons). (tracks not made by me, just placeholder, this is also a low poly model) (flak 36 or the 88 as many call it) But I did learn a lot doing all of it, Im not going to quit, no way, its just gonna be a while till I get a new PC that can handel Squad and all the modeling software, hey at least I can focus on collage now hahaha.
  5. So not going to a combat zone makes me "lack of actual knowledge.". I guess only active army members know what it takes to put on full gear and go prone, or I guess it take 10 000 hours in games to know what you want from gameplay. BTW its not nonsense if 90% of people in PR have the same thoughts, just look at the PR forums, and why do you care anyway?You are going beyond agro on me man, chill. All I want is for this game to be good and go in the right direction. Btw on the sniper argument "German doctrine of largely independent snipers and emphasis on concealment developed during the Second World War have been most influential on modern sniper tactics, currently used throughout Western militaries (examples are specialized camouflage clothing, concealment in terrain and emphasis on coup d'œil)." The changing of roles I already qouted, so yea, there you go, might want to watch a little less army movies, and read some books.
  6. We could talk all day about versions, perceptions, biases and opinions. But the fact is Squad is different from PR, and in this area "at least in my opinion" not a good kind of different. Boy if the dayz forums could hear you they would laugh their asses off. The whole alpha early acces program is ment to be a way to give criticisim, not sheild it away. Yes we have a long way to go, but lets make changes while we are still in development. At least lay out the plans for experimenting with features. I did play it back then and have been since the first public version. Read above for the whole alpha argument. Just to remind you they said outright that they will not have a kit dropping system, so this kind of is "the final iteration" at least in some respect, of this particular feature. So if an LAV kills your RPG wielding friend, are you just going to stand there waiting to get shot, or are you going to pick it up and shoot back? I just dont see the argument in the realism or gameplay sense.
  7. The argument for kit dropping

    Leads to ticket waste and lone wolfing, once someone sees the medic is dead, they run off more or less to do dammage, at least in PR everyone stays put and is like "well all we need to do is pick up his kit and revive him, no biggie" Ok lets say SL has IRL stuff to do all of a sudden and he needs to go, where does that leave the squad, well it leaves them in the middle of the field without a SL, he would like to give it to someone else, I mean they are right there in front of him, but they just cant, by the time the new Sl suicides (again wasting tickets, and is given time and score punishment) to get a new kit, the squad might as well go lonewolf, no public SL can stop them, becasue you cant blame them for doing it. Well im not seeing anything being done, you can shout alpha at my face all you want, but its no excuse (not you but many others when features are discussed), at least lay out the plans for experimenting ect. Last time I checked this is a game so gamey things should be in it and what core game principles are you refering to? As in the SL is switched, but the squad doesnt have enough men in the squad in total to make a rally so they are dead in the field aka lone wolf city. As to the game becoming more clan oriented, its just a feeling im having for now, its these gameplay changes that are killing public squadding for me. More on that below. Gameplay should be king, realism only used to limit gameplay ect. But how at least picking up a weapon from a fallen comrad to protect yourself or save him is ither realistic or good for gameplay is beyond me. It's an old german ww2 tactic, from which all modern sniper combat is derived from. Anyway, you really think a taliban that just saw his RPG operator fall would just leave that RPG there on the floor and let himself be killed, or try to use at least the one shot in the rpg? I mean them hajis are stupid, but not that stupid. Look, all I want to do is have a good time in this game, I just want to team up with pubbies and have fun, more on this in the closing. CS was a mod once, their devs recreated what was good about the mod and improved upon what were clear failiures of the engine at the time ect. I really do believe casual mil sims have a big market, let me tell you a quick story, a few months ago my good friend that I met in DayZ was streaming Squad, he has a few K followers and loves having a good time, I offered to lead him trough PR showed him all these amazing videos ect. he loved it, but said he couldnt play that, the graphics look like they are from 2006 (guess what they are), but lo and behold when you get people to play it, they stick around. So if you were stuck getting shot by armour and the solution was right in front of you, would you just leave it there and die, or would you fight to the death like any good taliban. I remember a PR dev saying that the blacking out of the screen when you picked up an enemy kit was less than 10 lines of code (cant find the qoute). Anyway this kind of thing is easily fixed, as in you dont even drop the kit when you are teamkilled, or you punish the teamkiller by not allowing him to operate assets or take kits from crate ect. In closing. Look, im an old time SL, I just love taking pubbies and giving them orders like they are maggots, its fun as hell. Im not saying Squad is all bad, gunfights and UI are miles ahead of PR. But in this area, it is my opinion that they are going the wrong route, I dont think it makes sense with ither the realism or gameplay, it just isnt helping anyone or anything. It is really killing public games right now, the squads just fall apart like weeks old bread, once a medic dies its "lets just rush in" behaviour, and I cant stop them, because they are entirely right, I would do that if I were them. There is a string of gameplay changes that are killing public squadding and making it more of a clan game, where you have someone on teamspeak and can influence them better to do things as planned. Squads just fall apart if you order people around too much, SL"ing is a hard enough job as it is, people rarely want to do it, dont make it even harder. I just love what PR is and was all these years, and as I said if need be Il play it for the next 10 years, its miles ahead any AAA title out there. It may be that Im just not used to it as someone said earlier, and it might be alpha bla bla bla, but at least lay out the plans. The current solution is false on every front, both the realism and gameplay front, at least in my opinion.
  8. Will we get audio cues for friendly fire?

    How is that even an argument lol? Many times you can easily ID sounds and tracer color to determine the team ect. and again by the time you see that message it might be too late when in a firefight, migh as well kill the whole squad if its a medic.
  9. The argument for kit dropping

    But when your buddy is dying next to you and in basic you learned to stick the morphine in to him to revive him ect. you are going to do it, you arent gonna let him die. When an apc kills your RPG operator, are you just going to let it kill the rest of the squad, or use the little brain you have to put the missile in and press the trigger. Would you just piss your pants when your MG operator dies and you have enemies charging at you or would you take it and keep it firing. Are you going to desert the battle when the SL dies or are you going to take the lead ect. What about mortars, hmg's, assets in general? Or what about requesting kits from crates, do you just instantly become a fully trained medic after being a marksman the whole game? Its just that I see soo many pub games on Squad fall apart because of the reliance on medics, my head hurts every time I have to shout at this poor guy to stay back, to the point that he leaves the squad, people in the squad agree, but they just dont listen, they want to shoot too, not hide away until someone needs them. For something like a HAT,marksman/spotter and enemy kits, yeah I get the argument, that takes real training, but anything else, not really. Maybe just limit the picked up kit to a few items, like the ability to revive, but not to heal, or make everyone be able to revive people. And how about the sniper and spotter argument? It just seems like realism is taking hold of gameplay wayy to much. I might just be used to it, it might just be too early to tell, but it feels like the wrong direction to take it all, PR was just public casual teamwork.
  10. Will we get audio cues for friendly fire?

    Its not me, I do that trust me. Its just that I notice a lot of new people doing it, I especially notice it when they are doing it to me lol, and by the time I try to contact my SL to get him to find who the guy is, which squad he is in, and then have him explain to his SL that this one guy in his squad is shooting at a friendly, well the chain ends really quickly in me being dead and no one giving a crap. Sure there is this small text in the bottom saying you teamkilled someone, but the damage is already done. I get it, REALISM, the argument that might as well kill this game at some point, but come on, you gotta be pissed of at getting friendly fire and not being able to do anything about it, its just one of those small features that made BF2 easy for newbies, and every game needs those.
  11. I dont really care about content, or its quality, there will be plenty of that as time goes. But what does piss me off is all the gameplay changes, you can say what ever you want, but if they dont solve the kit issues its not gonna be even close to PR (as in no kit dropping GOD DAMMIT). That and the stamina system. It just feels like its moving away from PR in a very wrong direction, to a (has shitty arma 3 operation flashback) M I L S I M.
  12. Alright, for those of you who dont know back in PR you solider would automaticly shout if he was hit by a friendly round, as in the person shooting the friendly would instantly know that he was shooting a friendly ect. Any devs that can confirm this will be re-added. Right now there is this akward range where you cant see the name tag, nor hear the voice of the guy, so you might as well be guessing as to who he is. Its just one of those small gameplay quirks that made the gameplay a lot easier, easpecially for those people without mics or new people.
  13. Coming from PR, no. The gameplay is a lot different. -no kit dropping, they have more or less confirmed they will never implement it. -claim system is still not fleshed out, its going in the wrong direction in my opinion. -performance and map design is not great, but Il give it a pass on that as it is still in alpha. -the stamina system is a mess for now, but hopefully they get their sences back together. -overall my opinion is that they are sacraficing gameplay for realism, and a lot of the time it doesnt make sense (crawling takes away stamina???no kit dropping??????) The only reason you should buy this game is for the low price right now, but you are putting money on the table for a game that you and the devs dont see the same way. The PR formula wasnt perfect, but this is not the way to fix that. There is just a level of pub gameplay casualness that they arent hitting (like they had this idea of you walking all the way back to the fob and building a medical center to for your broken leg ect.), if you mentioned this idea on the PR forums they would laugh their asses off and nobody would play it. In my opinon they are making it for a different crowd, rather than what the PR crow is, and was all this time. I get that they had ideas and they couldnt implement them cuz of the engine, but because of those limitations we got something so much better than an army sim or arma (pukes) 3. ect. Its up to you, but I would wait for more gameplay changes before I would buy, I dont regret it now, but I will if they dont turn it around in the next couple of months.
  14. The devs have stated in the past their dislike of kit dropping, as in physical representations of a kit (lets say SL kit) on the ground that you are able to pick up. Now, I am against this decison and have been since the start, in fact its why I didnt buy it on kickstarter. They say it is against lonewolfing, honestly I have seen more lonewolfs in here than in PR but that is not what we are here to talk about. The problem now, is that admins are warning people who dont teamplay, as in lets say the SL crashes, the new SL doesnt have the SL kit and is now forced to go off the battlefield to get one or he will be kicked, so he rather gives the role to someone else ect. Now I know that we have the ability to place a rally with more people ect. but on smaller squads it just more or less kills the squad. Causing one more thing that pisses me off, the fact that clan gameplay, rather than rag tag pubbing gets encouraged (In my opinion this has been getting worse and worse with every feature and might just kill it for me..). Anyway, I still dont see the argument for no kit dropping, not the realism, none of it, Im about 50% sure its cuz they cant do it, or they want some some "super realistic" game (again I dont see how its unrealistic to take lead or kit, in fact snipers and spotters change roles every hour, lead is given to the highes ranking solider in the squad after an officer dies ect.). For me its a worrying trend, there are all these features, in the name of realism...and it all just seems like they are messing with the formula that was nearly perfect (asside from engine quirks). People still play PR, they do it for gameplay, it is just that simple (the gameplay that is), the learning curve is perfect, I just dont see the point in it all, it worked before, why change it so drasticly now? Honestly if a mod doesnt do it, Im probably going to play PR for the next 10 years until someone does it properly. You have something very special on your hands, the only reason CS is more popular than PR is the graphics, I say that after gaming for the past 12 years, im being serious.
  15. Like: -Gunplay, miles ahead of PR -UI still WIP but much better -Leaning Dislike: -Hiding kit dropping behind the argument of realism -The asset claiming system right now, PR is a dissaster when there are no admins, but this is not the solution. -The stamina system right now is a mess, crawling makes your stamina go down, and walking recharges is way too slowly.