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  1. Squad Editor question

    You may use Squad content to create the map, but talking about how to use editor is talking "how to live life".You can try import smt in in it, you free to experiment. Cause it is the same Unreal Engine 4 standard editor only with Squad content and features, so you might have a bunch of skills to deals with this, such as splines, foliage painting and etc.
  2. Under water gameplay

    we need something similar to good old BF2 water support for RIB boat or smth., it needed for crossing small rivers and etc. and not dying in process of it crossing, especially vehicles.
  3. Destruction of vegetation

    My guess - is Arma 3 style vegetation destruction,just removed stump with all the rest of the tree would be enough at beginning.
  4. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    So, congrats for somthing new, we waiting smth a long enough, so lets tested out, see what we have. I'm honestly expect a Challenger 2 for British forces as a contoversal for T-72 and T-62 and BMP's series as for RU and Militia at least,cause IFV's already have UK and US - this should bring some balance on smaller non-tanks map's But,maybe in next updates?
  5. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I f you remember good old Battlefield 2 and ton'ns of singleplayer\coop mods on ModDB,including ESAI - enhanced AI script, when bot even climb on towers and stairs to snipe player's - you may understand that AI is more needed now than ever! Especially for fresh players or making Fun with SP mods by alone)))
  6. General Update

    I assume Mr.Airstike will be include a good buddy Mr. A10 Warthog with his good old friend GAU Avenger 7-barreled 30mm auto cannon!
  7. PAX Demo Walkthrough

    This is Epic! Keep going ,OWI
  8. The Wrench -- February 2019

    Wow! Arcade controls, like in BF 2 - that's what i want for Singleplayer mod in BF 2 classic style with AI. of cource!
  9. Taking cover in unarmoured vehicles

    If i remember, in Battlefield 2 classic gameplay you can press CTRL- crouch, while in tank or jeep open MG position, and the character sitting down while vehicle taking damage, and it's rather increase chance to survive in combat.
  10. V12 performance

    Hello everyone! As for me, I play at lowest setting on not gaming Laptop with old GeForce card and not powerfull CPU - and I can tell you that V12 perfomance are way better than v11. Especially on a Test range! When I go on public server it's gave me more frames, even there are 50-60 players on it. I try to compare the possibilities on running game on lowest PC spec's. And run well!
  11. I think it may ruined the original game balance. I mostly join in random squad's like mashingunner or medic or GLor even crewman if needed, and never play as a marksman.I think if you need freedom in kits, just make your mod with unlocks and rebalanced things.
  12. August 2018 Recap

    Absolutely great work! This is nice to see tanks finally in game! Need some work on optimizaion to do. Also would be great to see some tutorial's of implemeting basic tanks in mods, for example I want to import BF3 M1A2 and T-90 in my custom BF style mod, as possible))
  13. The Wrench - May 2018

    Need more Battlefield 2 classic content!
  14. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    For example from BF2\PR - MEC,PLA\PLA SF, Rus Spetsnaz, Mec Insurgent,Mec SF, and of cource Mec wil be with KH-2002 and variants instead AK\G3))
  15. Alpha 11

    Absolutely brilliant update! As always! Keep creating! Honestly i expect M1A2 Abrams in game, and at least SMAW fot AT, but i'll think you will get it soon! Recomendations - optimization - for all PC stuff configurations as possible, that the game runs on a weaker PC's. Best Regards to you,guys!