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  1. Alpha 16 Released

    Yes! Get to the choppa!!
  2. Good old Battlefield 2 with tonns of mods and AI\coop gameplay will save a day forever, never gest old and still acurate,as a 2142 too, in compare to "modern Frostbite era" joke-Fields(that's how i called them), BF2 feel and play very good especially with AI
  3. British Faction Bulldog

    Just need to tweak it, and add RCWS\CROWS instead open top M2 MG, it should be pretty good on armor and much faster and easy to control something like that
  4. The Wrench, August 2019

  5. The Wrench, July 2019

    I want that LAV-25 with double tow missile's on turret for USMC faction in future!
  6. Alpha 15 Released

    So since we have a training tutorial, there no excuses for new player for telling me such a thing like "i'm new i need to learn" or "I new i don't know how to unload logi or make run" - go to tutorial first -then deploy!
  7. Alpha 15 Released

    Wow! That was really quick! See you on a battlefields!
  8. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Cool stuff! Steady and calm gameplay, teamworking, i like how you zoom in camera while firing targets. Nice!
  9. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Charge to V15!!!
  10. For me best way to learn more in SL role at beginning (since very first game build) was making kinda motorized\mechanized infantry squad, when you can use vehicles and transport and support troops - idea is to quick drop mates to capture flags and get back to vehicles and move to other objective. Since we have more APC\IFV , i can focused on armored game-play with crewman, and assign fire-teams to help me or other squad.Just need to try and delegate responsibilities to someone,or just tell other SL's that you wanna support them with armor or infantry and tell your mates to follow other squads. That's it, how it works.
  11. Squad SDK Update

    Thanks!, it's time to learn few things and do some mods))
  12. Squad Editor question

    You may use Squad content to create the map, but talking about how to use editor is talking "how to live life".You can try import smt in in it, you free to experiment. Cause it is the same Unreal Engine 4 standard editor only with Squad content and features, so you might have a bunch of skills to deals with this, such as splines, foliage painting and etc.
  13. Under water gameplay

    we need something similar to good old BF2 water support for RIB boat or smth., it needed for crossing small rivers and etc. and not dying in process of it crossing, especially vehicles.
  14. Destruction of vegetation

    My guess - is Arma 3 style vegetation destruction,just removed stump with all the rest of the tree would be enough at beginning.