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  1. Mic output not working

    Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Mic output not working

    Yeah it'll be tough to swing it with the time difference. I really appreciate the willingness to help me! I'll try to search for a few more days and then might go ahead and buy a mic. Thank you so much for your help.
  3. Mic output not working

    Alaska time zone, its 1hr behind pst, 3hrs behind central.
  4. Mic output not working

    Hey, thanks for the reply! My headset is already plugged in when starting the game. I think at this point I'm just going to break down and buy a separate mic that can be plugged into the mic jack.
  5. Hello all! I purchased the game two days ago and love the gameplay, I am having an issue with my mic though. I have searched multiple forums to try and fix my problem to no avail. I am turning to a post on here hoping someone smarter than I can fix the problem. I am using a turtlebeach 420x usb headset. Much like other posts, I can hear but no one cab hear me. The head set is designed for xbox, but works on pc as well. It works fine with any other game just not this one. I have tried setting the device to default and default playback. I have ensured it is set to default on steam. I have made sure everything else is disabled, and still nothing. I tried a program called virtual audio wire or something as was suggested on another post but still nothing. Ive tried switching push to talk in game and still doesn't work. My icons show up (local, squad, etc..) when i push the buttons but boo one can hear me. Only one time someone said I was really really quiet but no one since. Someone please help!