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  1. Our Discord server Server Rules: Be respectful Don't waste vehicles Don't be racist/antisemitic/abusive in chat Don't camp the enemy base Don't advertise anything without permission (this includes links in names) Don't team kill intentionally If you do team kill somebody by accident, apologize in all-chat immediately Don't Hack/Glitch or exploit bugs All squad leaders must have a functioning microphone and speak English on the command-channel To contact an admin or for any questions, please join our discord server.
  2. VDS/VPS questions/recommendations

    From what I have seen the Squad server software seems to be poorly optimized for multi-core CPUs. I'm quite new to hosting a Squad server (so correct me if I'm wrong) but it seems like the software requires a CPU with high clock speeds above 4ghz in order to sustain a 80 player load. We haven't stress-tested our server enough yet to see how many cores or RAM the software actually utilizes but I don't think that you could go wrong with 4 cores and 16gb.
  3. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Bringers of Light - Whiskey Platoon Tag: [BoL] Link: https://discord.gg/TVC2Hzb Language: English Description: Whiskey Platoon is a sub section of the Bringers of Light community dedicated to Squad. We strive for a mix between military simulation, and casual gameplaying, meeting somewhere in the middle. We have a rank structure to keep things orginized, but we are a quite a layed back group of guys. The Community itself is larger than the Whiskey Platoon subsection, however we're hoping to get a group of dedicated players up and ready to start breathing life into our Squad Server. Members: 34 (not all of whom play Squad) We also play: A large collection of other games, ranging from Military Simulation to Casual games.

    Clan info was out of date, our recruitment officer BishopsArch made a new post. Please delete this.