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    Thanks Smee! Maybe I can shoot you in the face some day!
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    -]sb[- Super Breed Looking to get a good team together. Looking for: 18+, Players who like to work together and communicate, Military Vets a plus but don't have to be ~ I am a 30yo Marine Corps OIF Vet/Combat Engineer here. Would like to get to the point of getting some scrims together or whatever if we can get a solid core. I don't want people who play it safe all the time, stick together with your guys and cover each others sixes no matter what moves they make. I like to push points and drop bodies. -Teamwork, Communication, Camaraderie, Mature Semper Fidelis -]sb[-WiLDMaN1371 WiLDMaN1371 on STEAM https://discord.gg/YsfDPv Send me a message or friend request and game and see what I'm about.