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  1. November 2017 Recap

    Sounds and looks amazing. Can't wait. Don't like this, though: Keep CQB and peripheral vision in mind. The FOV should be up to the player. The shift-zoom is enough imo.
  2. Even experienced players often are not aware of what they are supposed to do. Squad could use a tutorial in the form of a obstacle course after the Battlefield 2 model. In BF2 if you used a device or vehicle for the first time a voice over would tell you about its proper use and how to operate it.
  3. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    Why not both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    I'm not talking about obstructions in your field of view, but the ability to move your head/body around.
  5. It feels frustrating not to be able to fully look around and behind oneself when sitting in a vehicle. No matter where I am in the vehicle, I should always be able to look behind me.
  6. Yes, since it's a very limited sprint tapping a key shouldn't be a problem.
  7. For example: Jog: Caps + W (Caps does only have to be pressed once) Sprint: Shift + W Fast Sprint: Shift + tapping W
  8. There are different needs for movement in different situations. Did you just get out of base and are on your way to the objective? Are you getting fired upon and need to get into cover? Maybe you just want to rally with a other teammates close by. The following types of movement offer the player to choose the best one for his situation JOG Used to cover long distances Pros: - low stamina consumption Cons: - takes time to get to full speed - takes time to come to a full stop - low agility (doesn't allow side step) - lower movement speed than sprint FAST SPRINT Used for short distances (e.g. allyway crossing) Pros: - fast movement speed - high agility Cons: - high stamina consumption - slow stamina recovery SPRINT Is similar to sprint currently in the game Pros: - higher movement speed than jog - less stamina consumption than fast sprint Cons: - stamina drains faster than jog - slower movement speed than fast sprint Original post: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/17927-limited-fast-sprint-to-run-past-alleyways/#comment-216724
  9. "I'm Sorry" button on radio menu

    An automatic, heartless message when you TK someone? I'd rather have no "sorry" at all.
  10. Hold Alt for name tags

    Guys, I can't see the enemy...
  11. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    How do you handle acceleration in vehicles? Will there a speed limit or similar? "W = moving fast" can be very restricting. I imagine pressing Num2 for 20km/h limit, Num3 for 30km/h limit and so on.
  12. From the first person view the difference between standing and crouching is often not obvious. I propose a slight adjustment of the weapon position when crouching. When crouching the weapon will be more centered on the screen with more of a top down perspective. Not only is this realistic, but signals the current stance. Here's a "visualization" http://imgur.com/tgMhbSn
  13. Logistics of Personnel [OP summarized]

    A nice concept. I'd like to see the same or similar for ammo crates.
  14. V6 update not smooth

    This thread is more of a joke. Pros, cons and fixed are being discussed in the V6 Update thread.