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  1. The plates out there now can eat an entire belt from blacktip .308 out of a 240b, and there's videos of it on youtube showing just that... the plates barely get scratched. There's also a marine on youtube who lets his wife shoot him with a .308 rifle point blank on the same type of plate, once in the chest, and once in the back. He doesn't get winded or hurt in the slightest. Modern plates can also be hit with 12 guage slugs point blank and the user is hardly effected. Body armor is a terrible game mechanic either way. The game has poor damage models as is... two shots with a .50 cal, three 5.56 to the chest (one on forearm), and 2 with a 7.62x39mm, and people still survive after that occasionally. Seen it over and over again... body armor would just turn it into a joke where guys could potentially take 5-10 shots to kill.
  2. I dislike: -The fact that you can shoot someone in the chest twice, and the forearm once, and they are still able to accurately return fire and kill you because they have good reflexes. Really realistic out of 10. -The shooting/movement mechanics are actually pretty bad imo. You can bunny hop out of situations where you are being engaged at medium to long range. You can zigzag in shootouts or escape a shootout like a crackhead with no penalty to speed or movement. Strafing left and right in shootouts is highly cancerous and unrealistic... switching strafing directions needs a massive movement penalty because of this. -The suppression mechanic is broken, as in it is almost entirely ineffective against experienced players... can't tell you how many times I've gone full auto with a deployed mg, just to have the guy snapshot me while 30+ rounds are flying a foot over his head. -Going prone after running has unrealistic amounts of sway... IRL you can almost immediately 100% stabilize a rifle after going prone, regardless of how fatigued you are or. -Rifles have no real bullet-spread and are too accurate. Being able to one-shot plink someone in the face from 300m+ with an ak-74/47 is highly unrealistic. IRL you'd be banking on a dice roll to even touch the entire upper body of someone with an ak, firing military grade ammo from that range, even with optics.
  3. Keep body armor out of the game. It's already a good meme that the .50 cals don't always kill with a single shot to the chest. We don't need a function in the game that allows someone to take a full clip to the chest and just walk away... r u srs?
  4. Total War | Chicago

    Dr Hammer is a toolbox confirmed. I was about 30 hours in when I joined his server just to hear him raging at someone to get off marksman in his own squad, cause he wanted it, even though he created the squad. He started talking about KD ratios... the game has zero recorded stats though, so KD ratio is an irrelevant metric when it comes to measuring skill. Good meme. FFO is also a stacked server that I won't be playing in anymore. Played there for 8 hours yesterday and was the most stacked steam-roll train I have ever seen in this game, for the longest period of time. The admins don't enforce the rules there at all either. There was a guy wall-glitching there yesterday, he admitted to it, and not one of the 7+ admins on addressed him. The admins of FFO also kick players of different squads from armored vehicles, on maps when they want to control all the armor, so that they can ensure a solid steam roll.
  5. Crashes Mid-game randomly

    Thanks, didn't realize it would fall short in that regard cause my FPS seems fine on all settings at high for the most part. I was able to play a game today that lasted over an hour with no crash, forget the map name though. Thanks, I'll check out HWmonitor and post a shot. Nope, never had an issue with any other game crashing on me the way Squad does. Games have only ever crashed on me once in a blue moon.
  6. Looked around on the internet, mainly youtube, wasn't able to find a solid solution & there seems to be endless threads on crashing, so not sure where to even begin. Tried a steam launch option code in the properties of Squad within steam that tells the game to use all processor cores, but unsure if it corrected the crashing issue, because it butchered the graphics by causing massive tearing and stuttering. The launch option code is "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -mammoc=system -sm4" I have yet to play for more than 30 minutes straight without a crash to desktop. I have what I believe should be workable system specs with a Radeon 6900 series 2gb card. Any help on where I should start, or what the most common issue is that causes in-game crashing at completely random intervals, is appreciated. Thanks.