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  1. When are we going to have our signature?

    Couldn't read all the sections thanks tho but. "Signatures have been turned off on this forum. Sorry" -DesmoLocke (january 1st) couldn't quote him
  2. As the title says ladies.
  3. Why is the update 3.3 GB?

    I just want an explanation i'm not whining or anything i really liked the tweaks in this update especially locking squads and 1-man unlocking trucks and vehicles. Why are you guys making bigger maps? I think you are aware that there is a lot of space that is not being used in game for example: (yerohivka , gorodok .....) In terms of size these maps are huge but why not create more maps like Al Basrah, Logar Valley .... We all know this is an Alpha game and everyone has to be patient and give the devs some time but really i'm not trying to complain but a 3.3gb update including tweaks and a new map is way too much. Is it the textures or the engine that require so much space? Are you trying to improve the graphics and make them use less size?
  4. This post is mainly for new players who are still trying to learn how the game is being played. I decided to create a Facebook group since everyone today checks on his phone every 5 minutes. Answering will be faster,you don't have to open steam more frequently if you are a new player to the steam community and discussions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/752924368221016 I am very active in the squad forums,trying to follow streams and all the important news which keeps you updated to the game path. I have a bunch of friends with 1.6k hours who are going to join and are ready to help every new guy who is lost. Experienced players are welcome too, to lend a hand and are also needed to make this group bigger. I just hope that this project will be something and i am really hoping that all the new players join so they can have proper guidance before spending more hours in game and start wasting Strykers. Currently we have only 4 members including me but you always start from scratch but this isn't really a group made for stacking as much members as possible ; me and some other guys who are joining are looking to HELP people so don't be shy to ask (ofc if you are joining us).
  5. Arabic language + servers

    Since he speaks English he can be SL all the time,invite his friends and lock the squad. Isn't that correct?
  6. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    GREAT UPDATE! But where is the FPS optimization? And may i ask isn't 3.3 GB too much for an update?
  7. Arabic language + servers

    No play the game as it is you speak English that will be no problem for you make a squad and edit it's name to "private" so only your friends will join.
  8. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    Am i the only one who's bored of playing AK's and RPK's in every damn faction? I enjoy playing the US only
  9. Just woke up from a long nap,opens PC and starts squad. Logged in - RIP(Rusty in places) - normally then created a squad and 4 people joined.Just after I spawned en route to the BDRM i get EAC kicked. Never mind can be a miss click. I reconnect on - QFF #2 (Queens Fighting Force) - I join a squad and our team has only 1 objective out of 7 and I just pick my SVD peacefully and spawn.Well this time it took them 20 seconds to kick me ofc after I was sprinting for ages chasing one guy in the field at Chora. After I got kicked from QFF my game goes back to windowed with 1268x768 resolution lol. I swear to god I didn't touch anything after i got kicked didn't even put my fingers on the keyboard or the mouse and i still didn't know what i did wrong in both servers and what happend to my game.
  10. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    Waiting for FPS optimizations for high end rigs.... Loading.......
  11. Yehorivka - storage site cap radius is too large

    The whole damn map is broken.It's killing my FPS not to mention when going into sniper mod with the BTR. There is a big lake in between of South Stepne and Village that makes you go all the way around to reach the next objective and not to mention the storage site you just mentioned where both teams build FOB's and people just keep spawning because the cap is too big. + You need West and Est novo to cap North novo lol
  12. Assets and FOB Costs

    I think it will be a good idea because some SL's go for the super fortress and build an FOB on a major objective and they just keep building until it's unreachable. Right now with deployables being destroyed,people will learn that the FOB should not be placed on the flag and they need to learn where to hide it properly.
  13. How to improve performance?

    You mean sumari yes that's my favorite map because simply it's the only place where i can have over 55 FPS even with 80 players in the server. Conclusion more updates are coming including optimizations and the latest version of UE4.If you love the game like i do sit back for a while and give your feedback in the forums.I played 120 hours in 9 days but the FPS is killing me while i have a good rig, i sometimes play a couple of games but i try to help in the forums and give my feedback waiting for the new update to fix these problems personally new content isn't number 1 priority for me
  14. Commad Role, do we really need it?

    Bro this aint battlefield 4 and you aint firing tomahawks. The game is perfect like it is right now from my point of view.You know that 40% of the players need 4 seconds to understand an order imagine a commander passing an order to all squad leaders who sometimes don't even use the G button (this happens a lot because only few servers have active admins to kick no-mic SL's) and afterwards these guys will pass the word to their members. Each squad has a different role one is defending the last objective until the other one is being capped.There is also these 3 man squad's whom i hated a lot but i started to like them recently because they just build FOB's in the perfect spots or know how to use APC's to support the assault. The game is pretty unique and is going in a very good way.If one day we're going to reach 50v50 maps it's going to be very hard for both the players and the SL's to listen to the commander no need the mention the hard job is guy is going to take care of.
  15. Assets and FOB Costs

    Hey guys you are still discussing about FOB costs wake up! Destroyable deployables is coming next update and taking out FOB's will be more frequent and easier. That is going to change the whole damn game:Blocking walls with sandbags is not that easy now and reaching the radio will be faster