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  1. Minor fixes to rocket techie

    Not a bad idea and I'll definitely keep to that, but I seriously wish I at least had some kind of visual indicator on the elevation of the weapon. Mortars can be easily one-manned but still require a lot of teamwork, they're also a LOT more accurate and significantly easier to dial in. The rocket techie is in kind of weird position of being less precise, less effective and require way more teamwork. I'm getting to a point where I get told at least once a round my shots are landing on target but I rarely get kills. I'm not even sure what effect the strikes have on the other team and nobody uses it on me so I've got a really poor idea of how effective the suppression is. Honestly if I could get a tik marker so I can have the barest measurement of where I'm setting my rocket launcher I'd be happy. Protractors aren't rocket science, it's the kind of thing that any dope of an insurgent could find in a school and immediately know how to apply to something that is clearly dependent on angles and arcs. As of right now the weapon is way too inconsistent and difficult to use, requiring 3 people to use it effectively is a waste of team resources (given the game still isnt stable with 78 people) so I can't really get behind the developers argument that it should be fully crewed behind the line to be used properly. It still takes immense amount of team coordination, time spent adjusting for fire, timing so that you're not firing on friendlies, developing useful logistics for a firebase, etc. On top of all that using it always telegraphs your position in the most obvious ways. I get killed behind the frontline using the rocket truck more than anything else. Again I understand in ways its a very derp weapon that requires as lot of practice to be effective (and won't be useful every round) but I feel it needs a couple minor fixes to go from "lol" to "periodically effective lol." If players can solo Strikers and BDRMs and such as mobile fire platforms, then the rocket arty should at least be similarly useful with one person because they still require an entire team to cooperate to make any measurable impact on the fight.
  2. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY Thank you my main man.
  3. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    I haven't seen it yet in the public scene, but I would like to see sticky lean (like in R6: Siege) to make the finger gymnastics a little less difficult.
  4. Ok so one of my favorite things to do in the game right now is to use rocket artillery. They require a lot of coordination, good timing and a lot of accidental team kills to properly master. But when dialed in right in the appropriate circumstances, I've found that you can make an enemy team bottle up and sit in place. Despite this, they don't get much use not only for these reasons, but also because there are a lot of frustrating little problems with their use. I'll list my current problems with them first. - There is no way to see how high your artillery is adjusted unless someone is looking at it from outside - You cannot traverse the rocket launcher left or right - There is no clear 'center line' on the trucks, making aiming with them somewhat difficult even when using squad markers - When you leave the passenger seat, the rocket pod resets. I'd like to hear a more detailed discussion on this subject, especially from the developers, but there are a few minor changes that I, and others surely, would love to see added. 1. Rocket pod does not reset to neutral after passenger leaves seat. 2. A visual icon showing the degree angles (X and Y) the rocket launcher is pointing. This will make adjustments and communication for fire much easier to manage. 3. Some mild left/right traverse. Not loads but just enough for a player to make minor tweaks on their own. Would love to hear what other players think and what the devs think. It's not entirely related, but I would love to see the Russian army get an equivalent some time in the future, perhaps in the form of a BM-21 truck, or perhaps a mortar striker for the US in the future.
  5. [Solved] Some maps run horribly... is this optimization?

    Sorry for the late response! Been busy with work, school and uh, playing Squad. This is because it's fixed! Has been running amazing, no nasty stutters and great framerates on all maps. Please include this on the faq or some such, this was an easy fix for a really severe problem. Thanks again for the close attention and the follow up question!
  6. [Solved] Some maps run horribly... is this optimization?

    Gave a quick test a moment ago following the clear cache advice. One map actually ran and another map didn't have a look stutter anymore. However I'll report after I've had an extended play period to see if it's totally fixed. Thank you so much so far!
  7. So I got Squad yesterday and started playing it but I've noticed some really unusual framerate problems that I didn't experience on the free weekend. Several maps ran great. Kokan and all the other afghan themed maps, not to mention the forested map (with the "Castle" objective) ran great, but with some slight stuttering and framerate drops when I looked around too quickly. However a lot of maps, almost all of the eastern European maps, run like ass. And I mean some seriously confusing turbo ass. Like 2 FPS ass. And this always occurs when I move my character's head around, so it seems to have something to do with loading new assets. I tried rolling back my 3D card driver and turned off SLi, but no beans. For reference my hardware stats are... Windows 8.1 Intel i5-4690k @ 3.5 GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 cores 2 GeForce 970s on SLi 16 gigs of ram Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I alone? Why did this start now? Should I just wait for the next update?