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  1. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    Thanks again for the reply. We'll see what the future will bring to us. Greetings
  2. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    That is true to squad to a certain extend too, however certain bushes/small branchlike trees do block vehicles which they should be able to traverse trough with ease. Just clipping it with the edge of your track is enough to go from full speed (if you even get to accelerate ) to a complete standstill. Greetings
  3. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. A solution like LaughingJack offered might work, no? We'll see what the future will bring to us. Greetings
  4. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    Devs, any word on this matter? Greetings
  5. Topographical Map Suggestion

    Not perse topo maps, but it would be a big help to see some more basic information on terrain. Like where forests are and what their layouts are. Right now it is hard to make a distinction between fields and forests on the tactical map or where good possible overview positions are because there are no heightlines.
  6. Devs, Vehicles in squad are generally really bad on and off road, especially when going up against even a slight hill. Can all vehicles get an update on engine power so they represent their capabilities more? Also can the collision mesh of the small bushes and slim trees be removed to represent tanks and apc's actually being able to traverse small obstacles? Some of my clanmates and i find the small bushes with collision meshes incredibly frustrating in combination with the engine power as it currently stands. Greetings