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  1. nope, just tried it, it doesn't do anything
  2. so, apparently i got eac errors on my pc but i'm able to play it on my laptop, any fix for eac error: failed to start the game?
  3. Launch error

    tried all of it.... still got the launch error code D:
  4. Launch error

    ok i'll try that
  5. Launch error

    i can't launch squad even with the "-noeac" parameter
  6. Launch error

    no luck
  7. Launch error

  8. Launch error

  9. The "Failed to start game" error

    Same problem here
  10. Launch error

    This is from my desktop
  11. Launch error

    I tried all of em, doesn't work
  12. Launch error

    I'll try that, thanks!
  13. Launch error

    pretty much mine's exactly like this