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  1. January 2019 Recap

    Engine Upgrade is a must, and a great new for the community, it will give the Devs a lot of features to work along with bug fixes in the engine and optimization. Maybe not in the user-side but is a step forward in some future features (like 100 player servers and larger maps, thing that Choppers will need). And related to the de-tracking feature, really you complain about such a beautyful feature? Helis will come, I dont understand that rush for them, they are working hard on development and delivering a great game at the same time. Give them congratulations instead of rushing them with useless Hype.
  2. ¿Estas buscando equipo?

    Nombre: AlexKeane, en Steam alexkeane182 Perfil de Usuario: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093210611/ Idioma(s): Español + Inglés (Me defiendo bien) Edad (Opcional): 27 años. Zona Horaria: UTC+1 Forma de jugar: Casual/Vicio en vacaciones. Historial gaming: Sin Experiencia. 500 horas a Héroes & Generals, 120 horas a Battlefield Bad Company 2. Habilidades adicionales: Conciliador, buen rollo, me gustan las tareas de support. Estado actual: "Sin asignar".