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  1. New Website Launch

    Same for me.
  2. Hello, I´ve noticed this bug occour x amount of times & I can recreate the bug when I get revived by medic x amount of times. 1. Get shot 2. Get patched up by medic 2.1 get shot 3. Get patched up by medic a second time 4. Die again = see the bug "eventhough I´m dead the compass is still visible" makeing it impossible to spawn since the game thinks i´m alive eventough I´m dead. See attachment Bug Anyone else has been affected by this bug? This still occurs 24/9 -18. Any plan of getting it patched?
  3. Mods you can lock this thread issue has been resolved!
  4. Thank you for your assistans! I´ve updated 1st page. Still issues after disconnecting nighthawk device & only using provied device from ISP
  5. Testing from external (hotspot from my phone to PC) Download speed: 40.62mbit Upload speed: 10.75mbit Ping answer from ISP: 19.96 "Try offline mode - go to shooting range then type "adminchangemap " and manually choose a map. Then you can confirm whether the issue is only online." - No stutter Tested playing on server over (hotspot from my phone to PC) - No stutter 3/3 tested servers Updated 1st page.
  6. Hello, the reason why I don´t think it is network related (see above post) link
  7. I don't have stutters on fireing range. The reason why I don´t think it is network related, no matter what server/latency I have (low-high) it still stutters, see Stable connection/high FPS - Still stutter
  8. Affirmative NOT dust/overheating related. Changed thermal paste/thermal pads on both gpu & cpu
  9. Tried, no success Removed/made sure after I press uninstall from steam that i did NOT have any leftovers C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local - manually deleted folder called squad C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common - could not see folder squad after I pressed uninstall from steam I did not found any squad folder in before/after I press uninstall from steam C:\ProgramData C:\Program Files (x86) C:\Program Files C:\Users\Alex\AppData\LocalLow C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming
  10. Ive tried reset settings & NOT change the default settings when clearing cache still same issue. I tried switching settings & issue is still showing I also tried different Audio Quality settings in-game - from Epic to Low, still same Ive tried x amount of servers in UK/Europe/Sweden/desmos playground eventhough latency is high on x server it should not be a problem because Ive played before on other servers outside above location and NOT had any stutters. I have 1500H+ in the game but havent been able to play due to issues above.