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  1. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    ^Good idea, or to communicate with just other fireteam leaders within the squad. Things I personally would like in Squad: Pilot-able jets(maps made larger), attack helicopters, modular player damage, Team Deathmatch, the ability to finish off downed players by dealing more damage to head/chest; and as I've said before: more customizable kits, 50v50, and custom squad sizes.
  2. September 2018 Recap

    Thanks @fuzzhead It would essentially allow for more variable teamcomps and with the addition of fireteams give people more options. You'd be able to vary the size of the squad at any point. Yeah I think having a 1-25 man Squad would be fun and at least give players the choice, add depth to the gameplay.
  3. September 2018 Recap

    Can we please get variable Squad capacity, just an arrow on the side of the create Squad button that allows us to change the Squad size from 1-20 or 25, then vehicle and Mortar Squads don't have to lock their Squads and people who want to take on more leadership can make their Squads larger.
  4. November 2017 Recap

    It would actually just be one button if you could read what I typed, to click C at any point while running though a building can happen about as fast as space for jumping, and you probably wouldn't need to use it that much in faster situations. The thing I'm worried about with the model the devs brought up is that people are gonna see a target, move to shoot it and randomly their guns gonna drop, which seems like it would be really frustrating. The pace of the game likely wouldn't really be affected. In CQB, your gun would just stop you from aiming around everywhere, you would have to be smart and stay a certain distance from walls. A button to lower the weapon would also be nice because you could lower it when talking to people or scouting. But the screen automatically renders near and far objects in the same focus, so you can just focus your eyes on the screen where you're looking, and when you focus your eyes on the smaller amount of pixels representing the far away object, you can see it clearer, so the game doesn't really have to model that, it could make it so that shift+scroll wheel changes your visual focus in game but that's not really necessary. You might think that perm-zooming gives an advantage but it actual limits your field of view(FOV) which is much worse for CQB. "Permanent zoom" ruins 1x zoom weapons for CQB. I think it would be nice if the DEVS could just put out objective upgrades like vaulting and climbing before trying to do so much fine tuning. Also I think something that majorly needs to be addressed is fall damage from jumping off a single story, my friends and I jumped from single stories in junior high for fun, it should maybe rapidly drain fatigue but not cause fall damage until like 1.5 stories.
  5. November 2017 Recap

    I definitely agree with the blurring of peripheral vision while aiming down optics, considering that in real life, when the eye is focused on a magnified scope, the eyes lens changes and the area around goes out of focus. I don't understand the "permanent zoom" for the iron-sight weapons though, I thought the hold shift to zoom thing already correlated to the soldier resting his cheek on the gun (i.e. "cheekweld") so is a "permanent zoom" realistic, or is it like when you aim down sights the soldier puts his face up to the rifle. hence the zoom, then when you hold shift he will like slide his face forward closer to the rear iron sight? Does that really make sense to do? One thing I thought that balanced 1x zoom weapons was being able to aim down your sights in CQB situations, a permanent zoom gives advantage at range but reduces the CQB advantage over scoped weapons. As for the weapon collision, I think it makes sense, but I think it would make much greater sense to just have the weapon collide with the wall, like you wont be able to walk right up to a wall while facing it because the tip of the weapon will collide with the wall and stop you, then if your side is against a wall you can't turn etc because the weapon will collide with the wall. You could then just have a button for raising and lowering your weapon(such as H, Y, X, or C), since there's already the animation for that, and takes your gun out of the way so you can see more when scouting. A manual button also means the person has the choice of lowering their weapon to run through a building faster or keeping their weapon up for preparedness. Having a button gives the player more control and this balances CQB still because shorter weapons will be able to turn more and the player can get closer to walls/tall objects. I would prefer to just have limited movement when my gun collides with a wall rather than have my weapon automatically lowered when I get near the wall because I want to retain my ability to fire, even with reduced maneuverability of my long-barreled weapon. Also just saying I personally think Russian Ground Forces have some more sophisticated equipment than what's currently in the game. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_Russian_Ground_Forces#Hand_grenades)
  6. September 2017 Recap

    It looks like the middle four wheels can move up and down, my guess is that its for different terrains and uses.
  7. September 2017 Recap

    What specifically do you mean by negative terrain, like how the floor of the map is a thin sheet? Yeah I wish we were able to like blow/dig holes in the ground.
  8. Animation System Update

    I personally think it makes more sense for the third and first person models to be exactly the same. Also are double rendered(zoom only in the optic) scopes in the works? I play with squadops.gg and Optics are banned in their events because apparently they're "OP", having double rendered scopes makes it a bit more realistically fair to aim because you have to orient your view within the field of view of the scope, so they wouldn't be so OP. Are we getting freelook in the next update? Also since we're talking about animation, I think it would be really immersive to make the players mouths open based on input volume from their microphone. It was done in a game called SOS like this. )
  9. September 2017 Recap

    I like the idea of digging trenches, I think they should be realistically dug though.
  10. September 2017 Recap

    @L0cation I would say having miniguns on the heli and a second pilot seat could help by increasing options but you wouldn't be required to use them. I personally would enjoy aircraft as soon as possible whether or not they have armament. I'm thinking maybe we could get some kind of player controlled scout drone with a camera for the US and Russia teams. The new map, vehicles and equipment look amazing, I was just thinking that squad could benefit from a snow environment. The new game mode seriously looks like a huge improvement and more fun than current modes. I'm guessing it would work like this: the areas would change colour to a certain side when there is a majority of one team there and then stays that way until another team has majority in that area, basically like a territory map you would see in the news. I'm curious to see how the resources work. I'm enjoying this game.
  11. August 2017 Recap

    Yeah for the typing it should be done on a touch screen that the player brings up as an item, as well as the map(in my opinion).
  12. August 2017 Recap

    I personally think it would be cool if there was just a basic(possibly volume based) mouth opening animation when players are using any of the chat channels and proximity voice. Also head movements when looking around in vehicles. I am excited for and a big supporter of free look also!
  13. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    @kuratomi1950 I understand what you're saying, I personally prefer to get my ideas across without name calling but whatever. I think its useful for users to express what they would want in a program because we're all trying to have the best experience possible. The ideas I posed could potentially lead to a much better online experience as a whole. I just thought it was interesting how the players vision could just zoom in, considering that I think a great aspect of Squad is its focus on realism, which is one of the reasons I chose to buy it and now play it regularly. Currently I think some HUD elements fill in the senses that aren't currently brought to the user by a keyboard, mouse and screen(such as feeling, smell, taste) but eventually this could be overcome by technology so that visual elements are true-to-life. I'm just being honest in my ideas for a game there's really no need to be rude. Music and art are interesting but I think core game elements like graphics/audio, physics, and controls take precedence. It appears you're trying to speak for the developers but I don't think that's necessary. I really think we can get through this discussion in a respectful manner. I think this game could benefit from more features. Right now I would say that factions can be helpful but custom factions and players would only allow for more unique game experiences, I personally think it would be cool if we could carry what items we want based on weight and volume. As you're saying, the game is in Alpha, so on top of polishing up, the features are subject to change, which adds to the validity of suggestions. Thanks for replying.
  14. August 2017 Recap

    @Gatzby I realized this, thankyou, its working now.
  15. August 2017 Recap

    Sounds like a lot of cool improvements, my game isn't even starting though, it just shows the intro and then goes to a black screen, I've uninstalled and re-installed. This game has worked on my computer before, can you guys possibly to a bug fix or stability fix for the start up? Thanks, cool game.