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  1. Maybe add a filter to the server browser to specify certain factions ex: British [] US [] Russian [] Insurgent[] Militia [] also, when a map is in the server browser, list the factions next to the map name, or maybe in a new, or optional slide. This would just make it easier to play as a certain faction if you wanted to test out a few things in a game on a certain faction, like if you just came back and all of a sudden there are British people everywhere.
  2. Mic stops working halfway through match.

    Sennheiser GSP 300, but none of that matters, because like I said, my mic is working perfectly fine. Only problems in squad. My Connection was also fine. Max ping was 80
  3. About halfway through the match, my mic stops working. At the beginning, I'm able to communicate, but about 50 tickets in, people say things like, "You keep turning your mic on by accident", and "i can't hear you." It's happened two matches now, and I don't know what causes it. I was in a discord call both times, they could hear me fine.
  4. Scope Height on the Guns

    I was wondering what the scope height was for all the guns with scopes on them. Like, are they all the same? and if not, what are they all. Like, is the scope on the AK a different height than the M4, or the RPK or whatever it is, and the DMR.
  5. null_value

    I don't think they did a demographic research, I think they're just trying to stay true to PR. It was very much similar, and still gets updates. Same kind of gameplay. Different format.
  6. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Cyka Blyat CommunityTag: [CBC].Link: https://discord.gg/A7apHeBLanguage: EnglishDescription: CBC is a medium sized community, that play a variety of games. We aren't professional, and we don't expect professional. We accept any age, so long you stay mature. We aren't milsim, but when we play, we expect all members to cooperate and speak with each other. When you join the discord, contact staff to get situated in the community. Members: ~70 (We have a subgroup of people that play squad competitively, though)We also play: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, PUBG, GTA, Arma 3, Payday 2, Counterstrike, and tons of other games.