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  1. Yes, you found our discord I see and we unbanned you, no big deal man. It looked as if you did it intentionally feel free to come back. I updated our Discord link and rules above as well. Feel free to get your free whitelist #whitelist-request. Thanks for playing on the server!
  2. @Undefined Yes I am sorry to hear about your bad experience... Please feel free to contact me via discord on discord.me/doctor - our teamspeak is ts3.docsoffice.net and we can chat on there and discuss what happened and get you unbanned.
  3. Medic progression in Squad

    I think making it so you cant stop bleeding without a medic's bag, bandages only slow down the inevitable bleed out. That would make medics powerful
  4. Medic progression in Squad

    If rally points are ever adjusted to be time sensitive, fobs more easily taken down (3 enemys nearby to stop spawns) The medic will be way more important and vital to a squads success... Also a neat addition would be to give the medics the choice of having an optic... or at least one of the medics.