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  1. The Doctor's Office | New York - Server Rules

    @Undefined Yes I am sorry to hear about your bad experience... Please feel free to contact me via discord on discord.me/doctor - our teamspeak is ts3.docsoffice.net and we can chat on there and discuss what happened and get you unbanned.
  2. Medic progression in Squad

    I think making it so you cant stop bleeding without a medic's bag, bandages only slow down the inevitable bleed out. That would make medics powerful
  3. Medic progression in Squad

    If rally points are ever adjusted to be time sensitive, fobs more easily taken down (3 enemys nearby to stop spawns) The medic will be way more important and vital to a squads success... Also a neat addition would be to give the medics the choice of having an optic... or at least one of the medics.
  4. The Doctor's Office | New York - Server Rules

    Thanks Bud!
  5. WE HOPE TO DELIVER THE NA COMMUNITY A SERVER THAT DELIVERS HIGH QUALITY COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY For this Reason these are the primary Rules: - Intentional TeamKilling will NOT be tolerated and will result in a Perma Ban. This is something that will be enforced strictly and without mercy. - All APC's must be manned by two individuals including Track Vehicles. - All Squad leaders must have a microphone or will be kicked and/or banned. If you are not communicating effectively as a Squad Leader you will be treated as such without a microphone. - Any form of obvious hindering will be warned, then kicked or temporarily banned. - Intentional Hindrance will result in a Perma-Ban - Stealing Assets: If a Squad has their name written to do a certain task, such as mortars, Apc's etc, then taking their "asset" intentionally will result in a Week Ban. The Squad Leader of that squad may give permission for another squad to gain access to that specific asset if so desired. - Wasting Assets: Using Vehicles/Mortars inappropriately and results in a easy loss of tickets or waste of resources. This will result in a ban. + Camping Main is ALLOWED. + Most importantly PLAY ON THE OBJECTIVES Note: Ban Lengths will ultimately be under the discrimination of the Admin who administered the ban