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  1. Banned because i could'nt Move up

    Thank u for all the help. Very interesting conversation. Have a nice evening. And to all the players in my SL I am sorry I 'ruined the game for you' (This is Off Topic)But I don't get how I was starting drama but u don't need to respond to that just thought I should say that.
  2. Banned because i could'nt Move up

    I do see the rules "• You must play on the contestable flags. • You must play together as a team." Yes but we still kept dying. I did ask the vehicles if they could give us a ride but they just drove off. I do see your frustration in this situation. If u could reply, Then maybe we could find a solution to this situation so this doesn't happen again. [Edited Part]Also I don't see why I was the only one punished when their where other squads idk if they where punished. They where in the same situation as I was. And the vehicles I asked if they could give us a ride but they just drove off. I also asked if they could shoot the people in the gas station & Fields. So I don't see why they weren't punished I do see why not fully. But not giving us a ride isn't 'TEAMWORK'
  3. I was playing squad and I said over the radio to command, That I had to clear a area because we kept getting sprayed and killed. We tried using Brt and apc but other squads took them then got rocketed. we then tried getting picked up by some vehicles but they didn't hear or let us in. I think this was unfair that I was banned because I couldn't move up. If u think wrong just say it don't hate. Server[M] MUMBLERINES Teamwork #1 [ENG ONLY] The ban did say i was on the objective. The only reason i was on the OBJ was because i couldn't leave it with the enemy camping us inside of it. And I did say that my squad was stuck their because we kept dying. The person who was getting angry that we couldn't move up was [M] Nordic I'm pretty shore he is the one who banned me because he threatened it but I don't know. Forgot to say it was a one day ban but it is frustrating.