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  1. How will body armor work?

    I agree with the simulation of body armor and the balancing suggested by Kev2go. For me you can look at what Insurgency did with the armor and AP round. It's a good starting point imo.
  2. I think the main issue with having local voice always on (if I understood correctly) is for people playing with friends / team on Teamspeak/Discord... Moreover this can create a lot of useless chit-chat making more difficult to be aware of your surrounding.
  3. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    I agree, this could be a great idea. We had something like this in Project Reality : If they could do it in PR, should be possible in Squad
  4. I'd like to see factions with unique weapons and vehicles, and that are massively deployed on war theater : GB and France ! And China to add more Opfor
  5. Is wall healing permitted?

    I think everything is said here. I totally agree with embecmom
  6. Great idea ! I like the idea of the SL choosing to make is teammates respawn all together.
  7. Oh.. so you're that type of guy..... This is not Quake or CS mate. People who play Squad are looking for an immersive gameplay (with textures, shadows and grass).
  8. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Adjustable sights! And the motion capture of someone draging a body... Can't wait for this epic moment! Good job guys !