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  1. Please do this. Anytime someone on here suggests something serious there's a lot of people who bitch saying that they're making everything too slow or making it un-fun. I think adding a small split like this in versions would allow players to try out both systems and find out what feels good to them. Maybe after awhile the dev's could look at what most people played and make that the default version. If they are both equally played than both modes could stay in.
  2. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    Why do you need to communicate with the enemy team? I think the OP is just talking about All chat, not team or squad chat. Team chat is very useful, squad chat should be left in for those poor souls without mics. You should not be able to disable voice as a regular player. Maybe admins could mute someone's local if they're playing music, but then they can't cooperate and you might as well just kick them.
  3. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Please god no. This is not the game for that. While I'd like to see a battle royale with Squad's current shooting and movement mechanics (V10 feels so good), making a mod like this would give people the total wrong idea and bring the wrong crowd to squad. We already have enough CS players, don't need to bring the PUBG players too. P.S. Not saying I don't want people who have played PUBG to come play, they might play other games like Arma or EFT too. But the people who come from mainly CS and PUBG backgrounds do not have a good sense of teamwork or cohesion, and usually auto lock the marksman kit.
  4. Will we see jets in the future?

    Yes. As Squad grows, more and more modders come into it and so it's only a matter of time before some lunatic takes it upon himself to make them from scratch.
  5. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Well if they're trying to be realistic, that's kind how it is. Most Insurgents don't have any way to retaliate against them. That new AA gun would be really hard to use effectively against a jet (also nobody would want to sit on it waiting for the strike to come). If its only something the US could use x amount per game, with a long cool down(~10-15 minutes), do you still think it would be unfair? I personally have had lots of games on Al Basrah where the Ins fob up gas station and mosque, and I think the US having some ability to punish them for digging it would be good. Also I think this is a good substitute until we get fixed wings, which is a loooong way out.
  6. Will we see jets in the future?

    Depends on where you look and who you ask. Recently it's been "not for a long time" though, but the image below is from the kick starter: Even though this is on the kick-starter page, so they technically promised it, lots of people flat up say no. I think that's a bad mindset to have. I'd say more like "in due time...." I think you can count on two things certainly: 1. If OWI doesn't do it, people will mod it in 2. Regardless of how they enter the game, it won't be for a looooong time (especially at the current rate things are taking) Basically if you're itching to fly fixed wing in Squad anytime soon, you're out of luck. Hopefully it won't be like that for rotary wing! (sorry heli biased lol)
  7. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Y'all must be new, cause a little while back there was a closed test where they tried out a lot of new stuff that we haven't heard of since. Features that were tested include: A-10 airstrikes called in by SL's (30 mm GAU and bomb), a new gamemode revolving around fob's and an large open map, and MRAP's (before they were in). SquadOps did an Operation with these upgrades, it was really cool. There's lots of footage of the test on YouTube. Back to the A-10, here's some clips of it in Squad: Overall, I'd really like to see this as something that is implemented with the commander. An example situation would be if the Russian team had taken FOB Papanov and were really dug in, a US SL could mark a target (either with laser designator or by marking on map or passing the grid on to the commander), then the commander approves it. I think what's important is that there must be a large delay between when the strike is called and when it actually hits, so that it is only really viable against stationary stuff, like big fobs or objectives. I think it would make the US really unique. Unconventional forces could have arty strikes and Russia could have a Frogfoot strike. What do you guys think?
  8. Responsibilities

    That guy is so annoying. I joined his squad in the v10 playtest and all he did was complain about how slow the movement was and how everything was now ****ed. The movement has never felt better. The gun play and handling feels amazing now.
  9. Marker restriction is absurd

    Sorry to say it but I don't think you're cut out to SL then. There's a lot of work for an SL and its a lot of responsibility. I like how squad members have to pass location marks to their SL, who then can mark and pass it on to other SL's in the command chat. It adds a bit of realism to the comms and puts importance on effective and concise comms. If squad members could just mark things or even add a simple mark so that squad leads could see, then all that extra depth would be lost. Also it would just add way more work for the SL, cause people would mark shit all the time to call out anyone and everyone that shot at them. SL's would spend their entire time updating their marks for the team. It would basically be like marking in battlefield, which is a little too game-y for squad.
  10. Leave Squad = Leaving Weapon

    Its there for a reason. Otherwise you'd have people intentionally grabbing marksman just to get kicked to keep the role, then the squad can't use it. If the squad could use it and the person who was kicked didn't count towards the total amount of people with that kit then people would abuse this to get multiple special kits like HAT's, GPMG's or marksmen.
  11. Going Solo

    I mainly SL when I play and I am OK with this behavior AS LONG AS the roamer is actually trying to be helpful. They usually do that by either: 1. playing as a scout or marksman and picking people off or giving me grid marks for enemy locations 2. AT roaming to hunt and kill enemy vic's 3. scout placing AT mines or IED's Unfortunately, what often actually happens is that the person that lone wolfs is the least communicative member of the squad and has to be verbally prompted to get any information out of them. They seems to forget they have a team and mic and fail to take advantage of either. Best procedure with these kinds of players is to warn them and then kick them if they do not make an effort to regroup. This behavior is more rampant on servers with newer/less skilled players. When this happens a lot I change my squad name to "ROAMING=KICK" or "LONE WOLF=KICK". That gets the point across. I saw that from a post someone made awhile back on this subreddit.
  12. Open local mic option please (:

    This is what I thought when I saw that comment. Just see if you can get a mouse with two thumb buttons on it, which is pretty standard for decent gaming mice. It will help you with squad, to put local and squad voice on those buttons, and other games. I too play Overwatch often, and having the melee on your mouse is really great to save your ass and also get in more damage as a DPS. Also put your push to talk on there too for Overwatch. Nobody likes open mics in any games, no matter if they are voice detecting/automatic, they never quite work. TLDR: Upgrade to a mouse with two thumb buttons, it will definitely be a noticeable and helpful change for all your games (OW and squad included).