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  1. No foosteps sound

    I got very decent headphones and level of volume is pretty much on high. Like i said the sound wont trigger in many circumstances. Do you understand would not TRIGGER. It wont initiate. The sound guy you reading this . I keep noticing it again and again . Over 400 hours in this game.
  2. No foosteps sound

    just died to a guy flanking me from 5-10 feet away , no sound. this goddamn shit is annoying.
  3. No foosteps sound

    Hello. Love your game. Good job. But plz fix the sound of footsteps. When playing on speakers - forget about it you just dont hear it at all. The guy would be literally 5 feet away and you couldnt hear him. With headphones i noticed you can hear the footsteps but not in all situations when a lot of other sounds are present like an intense firefight. The footstep sounds wont trigger. Its not that you should not be able to hear it, but it seems it doesnt trigger at all. THX PLZ do smth about it.