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  1. New Wallpaper

    CHALLENGER 2!!!!
  2. FV510 Feedback

    Thanks for the info! Will it return to being slaved as per IRL if we get vision blocks in futuro? I was very happily surprised to see it as a 'feature' . Love what you guys have done with it!
  3. FV510 Feedback

  4. FV510 Feedback

    Hiya! Just want to say that the updates to the warrior are AMAZING! V12 has made it alot more realistic and even the little details make it that much better, such as: Commander's sight being slaved to the turret The gunnery sight in general The sounds... oof. They are spot on 6 rounds max for the RARDEN and 90 RPM in automatic even the driver's 3 periscopes, although they are a little off. The only things I found wrong per se is that the chain gun (L94) fires way too fast... if the electrics are running well it will fire at around 540 ish RPM, though it can go as low as 500 RPM. It's a really slow firing gun for the modern day. (same on CR2) I think its firing at around 800 rpm as it is now. The chain gun's tracer count should also be 1in 1 (every other round is a tracer). The gunner should have a Laser Range Finder (LRF). Other members have commented on the current LRF system in general, namely that it should only be active when being fired (not constantly giving returns), but if there's anything the warrior needs, its an LRF. Although the WR lacks a fire control system, having an LRF would make the gunner's life much easier, as he wouldn't have to rely solely on the stadia. The commander should also have an LRF in case the gunner's goes down. If there's a possibility for vision blocks and turning out, it would help commanders do their job a lot better. Since the commander sees what the gunner sees, having the ability to go hatch up or even just look through a simple vision block would do wonders for situational awareness. Even if the interior is minimalistic e.g. Steel Beasts or Post Scriptum. Lastly, I'm willing to bet this feature will never be realised in squad, but the commander is the one who loads the RARDEN/chain gun. If tanks ever get a loader seat that actually functions, hopefully we'll see the same feature for this vehicle as well. All in all, this is probably the most realistic representation of a Warrior in any game yet. You guys have done an awesome job getting this beast into game and working well, and I'm thankful for all the work you guys have put in!
  5. Ammo bags & Take kits from down people?

    taking the hat from a dead body would encourage teamwork as they now have to work together to regain the upper hand - cover someone so they can pick up the RPG that was dropped and make sure they stay alive - rather than sit there up shit creek because your HAT is now waiting to respawn 200m away
  6. September 2018 Recap

    WRAP 2 upgrade by chance?
  7. Commander in every APC / IFV

    not true! Useful asset if you're playing with friends or people who know anything about AFV's
  8. June 2018 Recap

    Or faction specific squad sizes a la 10 for the US with 2 fire teams, an SL, and a medic, or 8 for the brits with a section comd/2IC/6 bods
  9. June 2018 Recap

    Loving the update. Can't wait to actually have a commander's seat in AFV's. Definitely a godsend. Will we see Hunter/Killer systems when the full FCS's come out? Gotta love that new map. #KashanMk2 AND TANKS. YEE BUDDY
  10. June 2018 Recap

    How would they script that in? If the gunner just lets loose, the last thing I want to hear is 'on the way' 157 times. Just let the player say that theirself if your crew is keen enough on bradley drills lol.
  11. Warrior chain gun fires way too fast Warrior chain gun should have 1-in-1 tracer, not 1-in-4 Warrior IFV has no LRF Warrior (and bradley) lack commanders seats Warrior doesn't seem to have a BV so how are they supposed to fight without tea??
  12. to reference Project Reality here... there really doesn't seem to be much of a balance issue there, especially going against conventional forces. And all the forces have ACOG/SUSAT with the real super REMF kits having ironies. Though this is definitely a hard argument. Squad wants to go for realism but realism can be boring, e.g. opium farmers with old AK's going against a modern army with 4x optics and IFV's. Perhaps give ironsight kits within the section when playing against insurgent forces.. but give the brits their proper equipment against conventional forces? at least with PR OPFOR units (MEC, China, Russia), they all have proper optics... so perhaps maybe down the line we can get an entire british section with SUSAT/LDS/ACOG...
  13. M2 Bradley and future vehicle FCS

    warrior has a LRF and thermal sight (BGTI) but you're correct in that it has no FCS. Hell even the elevation is hand cranked. Hopefully we get commander's seats and proper FCS's in futuro!
  14. Gameplay balance for the coming British faction

    If they get any more realistic with the warrior (hopefully they do) it will make it harder to use. (chain gun fires wayyyyy too fast; turret should have hand cranked elevation...) Problem is if they're going for a realism aspect (like in PR), the Brits don't send anyone out with anything less than a 4x optic. Hard to balance that out inf vs inf without another similar faction (welcome back MEC? ) Gripods are another mainstay with the brits, just about every soldier uses them. (MEC G3 bipods maybe?) although we've been issued them in the US forces as well. I think once we see some enemy IFV's things will start to even out. By the way... the warrior is so well implemented. Such an archaic cannon like the RARDEN is hard to represent but they've done such a good job getting it as close as possible!
  15. The Weapons Thread!

    oh sweet jesus. Those things are a heartbreaker. They work in PR and nobody bats an eye. Shame really.