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    My opinion is also based on over 400 hours of gameplay. But not going to argue now, bye

    Oh okay i see, abusing admins is not okay but abusing players is. Great server

    Thats your personal opinion. We were under attack by enemy squad in our superfob so our team was not one squad short because there was an enemy squad attack us. I judged the situation in palace not to be stable so i wanted to play the safe way and just defend our fob.

    I will play on a different server dont you worry. As i said defending the only spawnable fob on the map is called teamwork if you ask me. And the fact that you lost palace and had no hab up and half the team were forced to respawn on main just proves my point. But i know there is no point arguing with the mods in your server, bye and good luck. EDit: dont forget your admin was very abusive too in squad mic.

    So was playing a squad game. My squad had built a superfob on police station and had defended it for the whole game. So the other squads take the next cap in palace and proceed to attack the next capable flags. But my squad still stay in police station to defend our superfob since we are still getting attacked and we want to secure our only spawnable fob. Meanwhile the mod pakovic or whatever his name is is blasting me on squad mic to get out of police station, he called me some names. But i decide to stay on the superfob in case our team loses the next cap and they have to fall back to our fob. But no, i get kicked after some warnings from the mod Bahman for not playing the objective. Now, having a spawnable fob and defending it when you are getting attacked is playing the objective if you ask me, but no i get kicked, mind you we were already halfway to the next cap when i got kicked so i was following orders. I rejoin and lo and behold our team lost the next cap so they need to fall back to our superfob that i built, but too bad the enemies took it out because we were forced by the mods the leave it. Now i did swear at Bahman one time after all this which he then banned me for one month. Having the mod decide what playing the objective is, when he is totally wrong is stupid. I hope you lost that game due to not being able to defend police station Tl Dr> got banned for playing the objective and swearing at the mod, all while this other mod was swearing at me. Some mods really ruin this server which is a good server, ive talked to a lot of people who have same issues with your Bahman as a mod. Just wanted to share