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  1. [Solved] Squad not launching

    Since Squad started using EAC I haven't been able to start my game. Every time I start it it stops and EAC pops up with this error: Unexpected error. (WaitForSingleObject failed: 2)) and it dose not launch. After this error happens I try to restart the game but it just tells me that EAC is already running. Then I go into the Task manager and stop the process but it just keeps running and I end up having to shut down to even try restarting the game. I know that this issue can be caused by Antivirus but I don't have any antivirus and I've also tried starting with every windows defense off. I am at my wits end. Please Help! also the error path is this: https://pastebin.com/37r5NKdn SOLVED: Turns out it was something with my windows so I ended up reinstalling windows and now it works.