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  1. Thanks man. It is working now.
  2. Servername: [MG] Monkey-Gamers Squadplay Server location: Germany, Frankfurt - hosted by G-Portal Server setup: 54 slots / mostly infantry focused maps Website: http://www.monkey-gamers.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mtEuS5y About us: Founded back in Battlefield 2142 in 2007. Community focused on teamplay. Players are from Europe, main language is English. Server rules: Play fair and have fun English only in server chat and no chatspam English only in voice comms (if not mark squadname with the language being spoken) No bad language / Disrespect / Name violation (Abusive or offensive names) No Glitching / Hacking / Statspadding No repeated teamkilling / No teamkilling for vehicles
  3. We got a new server + license. I am about to make a topic, but it won't let me. Does not give a error in Firefox, just blank page. But in Chrome it says HTP ERROR 500 Seems to be common problem? Of course super important to have this topic, so we don't lose the license :-( Been looking for an easy way to contact mods, but I don't wanna spam 10 different mods, for a reaction.
  4. [Solved] high ping

    What is your location? You have this issue on all servers?
  5. New PC - Nvidia 1080

    I got a i5 2500K + 1080. Have something between 80-140 fps on medium settings 1920x1080. It's probably possible for you to hit 60 fps stable if you sacrifice the settings a bit.
  6. can i run it on this pc

    You should be able to run/start it. Might have to put game down too 1280x720 resolution. Here is a guy testing it on a i5 + 840m:
  7. What is your PC specifications? Your internet is fast enough for a stable connection in-game, unless you are on wireless, then you could have some issues.
  8. The problem was fixed for a week. I did not do anything to fix it. But the problem came back last night. I've done a ton of tracert/pathpings/ping to check, and it could be a problem on my end with one of my ISP centrals. It gives some spikes. Still does not make sense since I get fine pings in other games and on some Squad servers too.
  9. Bump! How are your servers going? Whoever got a server @ gamerzhost still.
  10. I've got a weird ping issue with just a couple of servers. Happening in the evenings, morning or early in the day seems to be fine. - On some servers my ping is stable and there is no spikes. - On some servers my ping spikes from 60-70 -> 300-500. - More players reported the same problem as me: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/6gs825/im_getting_lag_everywhere_but/ - I'm 99% it is not a problem that I can fix on my end. - It might be due to me not having a public IP. One guy reported that he fixed by getting a fixed pub ip from his ISP. - The problem happens in the evening, when there is a lot of traffic on the servers. - It seems to happen on specific locations/server centrals : France/Paris and Sweden. The mentioned servers, where I have this problem (others have mentioned QFF and EXODUS): France servers: EXODUS: https://squad-servers.com/server/3709/ QFF: https://squad-servers.com/server/3928/ QFF: https://squad-servers.com/server/3929/ OPFOR: https://squad-servers.com/server/2763/ Swedish: Mumblerines: https://squad-servers.com/server/2680/ DADS: https://squad-servers.com/server/629/ I don't know if it is due to bad server hardware, or if the server central prioritize public ip's rather than others in the evening / when traffic is heavy. I hope other players and server owners can give some input and maybe come up with some solutions. I really want to keep playing on my favorite server, but with this current problem it is almost impossible. Also made a reddit post about this with more people reporting the same issue: