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  1. When will squad devs start optimizing ryzen for more fps

    you have a 6700 and get around the same fps as me? that is crazy. yeah the fps isnt terrible. but i see some intel chips on peoples rigs getting 60 solid frames. so ive always wondered why im not. thanks for the info guys appreciate it!
  2. Im writing this to hopefully get some feedback from a person who works on the dev team or knows about this. but when will the squad devs optimize squad to handle ryzen properly? i have a r7 1700 and an rx 580 and on full 70 player maps get inbetween 30 and 40 fps while people with intel get 45 to 60 fps all the time. This is an answer i need to know because even though i am getting "ok" performance it isnt what i should be getting. If someone who works as a dev or someone who knows legit info on this can tell me when they will start trying to optimize ryzen processors let me know. thank you