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  1. Have you considered adding an automatic poll to new posts in the feedback section? Essentially every time someone makes a new post it automatically comes with a basic agree/disagree/irrelevant-poll (again, only in the feedback/suggestion-section).
  2. Well, while I understand what you mean, at the same time I think the advantage of information exceed the disadvantages of like-bait posts. Perhaps only enable it for the suggestion-section? In the end, this section is for feedback, trolls can be censored and/or banned. Feedback is key to the development of the game and let's face it: most people are too lazy to comment. That's why a like/dislike button (to me) is the simplest and most effective mechanic to accomplish this. Especially since this would mean less threads filled with comments just saying "I agree" or "No, this is stupid"
  3. Just realised I complained about the lack of polls and didn't put one in myself x) (Fixed)
  4. Helicopters.

    Just make air-assets work like they did in PR and don't forget about team-based vote-kick (player suggests kick, players vote) and it'll be all good.
  5. Can we please get like and dislike-buttons for topics and posts on the forum? This would allow devs to get more information about how appreciated ideas are when suggested since most posts doesn't seem to include polls. PS: Please vote on the matter, it's like 3 seconds of your time...
  6. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    The way I see it. Rallies should only be a way for new joins to join the squad in the field. It shouldn't (as it is right now) be a way for the whole squad to have an insurance in case of being wiped out. I say keep the rally-timer and nerf the spawn-count to 3 spawns. This will make death a whole lot more punishing and hinder the rambo's effectively. This would also make FOB-defense and placement even more important. PS: I also like the idea of an "ammo-count" of sorts for rallies that someone else suggested.
  7. Destroyable Wrecks

    Well, while it's a cool idea and all I don't see it working as an in-game solution since one rpg/lat-round would kill anyone inside that thing. Not really a front-line vehicle (correct me if I'm wrong). Plus militia-factions most likely wouldn't have anything remotely armored of its kind. Plus, tanks would fill that role either way. I just want to see shoveling wrecks become a thing (at the very least). Or towing using a tow-line which would only require temporary physics to not drag down the performance for players and coding the mechanic it-self. This would also go hand in hand with potential mechanics for disabling vehicles in the future.
  8. Destroyable Wrecks

    Sooo, *Bump* Please put in some way to destroy wrecks. Right now Al Basrah can get pretty much broken if the US side takes advantage of the fact that wrecks can't be removed. Unlike building a FOB or rushing a flag there is pretty much nothing that can be done once wrecks block off the bridges. And I bet this won't be the last time that one team will be reliant on bridges to advance on some future maps. It's simply unfair, and while this game is going for a mix of realism and immersion, it still needs balance or you will wind up with a map where it just won't be enjoyable to play on the Insurgent side. Once a map has been in circulation long enough a pattern of strategy and tactics will evolve, and I really hope that strategy won't involve abusing unfinished (I hope) mechanics.
  9. Pleeease make the bridges wider. Atm they constantly get blocked by intentional US truck-wrecks. Either give us a way to destroy those damn things OR make it harder to block them...
  10. As a frequent squad-leader I like to drive. It gives me more control over where we wind up under contact and makes sure my squad starts out exactly where I want/need it to. However, sometimes my almost 8 ton (metric) truck can't get through a small bush. While I understand that maybe a techie would get stuck/tangled. It doesn't make sense with a truck that size. Even less so when it comes to a freaking Stryker or BTR. Same with the tracked vehicles. So, what I propose (if it's not way too complicated) is to make it so the bushes (depending on size and type) let certain vehicles through without collision depending on their weight and possibly even speed and type. This would not only make realistic sense, it would also make tactical considerations, route-planning and vehicle selection more relevant in-game. Especially in more heavily forested maps during flanking maneuvers. Lastly, please vote in the poll at the top of the post, it's one click and about 3 seconds of your time. It will at the very least give an indication to devs about wether this is actually desirable or not. PS: I get if this wouldn't take huge priority but it's one of my pet-peeves so to speak that sometimes gets really annoying after getting stopped dead in my tracks by a child-sized bush while transporting an entire squad to the objective in said 8 ton truck, especially at the start of the round where speed is vital. I'm not even sure if this engine would permit such adjustments to physics/collision. However if it does, I would be forever thankful! PSS: Not talking about destruction of bushes etc. since that would most likely be waaay too complicated to get working in this engine.