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  1. Dragging/Carrying

    I love this game. A lot. I always love playing as a medic. There''s nothing better for me than running through a firefight to get to a wounded soldier who is not even in my squad and reviving him because I know that he could help us capture the area, which could help us win the game. However, I don't enjoy running to someone in the open and trying to revive him when the whole enemy team can see me put an ice pack on them which also takes time. I would love the ability to drag or carry a wounded to a safer place so I can bandage them as my team mates lay down covering fire for me. I live for that awesome teamwork.
  2. Marksman Scopes

    Especially for the US faction, I find it very difficult to play as a marksman using a 2x ACOG scope. I think a lot of people would benefit from a scope with better optics, even if it's a 4x scope. It's hard to spot people as it is.