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  1. Good info Roo5ter, here are a few pictures of the MATV w/ MK19 to give everyone an idea of the current level of gunner protection. If we were really going to play with fire and up the capabilities, take into mind that just like the M2, the MK19 can mount a PAS-13(Heavy) thermal sight, and the AN/PSQ-23A STORM (a combo laser-rangefinder and aiming laser). Alternatively it can also be mounted onto a CROWS (PAS-13, heavy version is on the right) (AN/PSQ-23A STORM)
  2. Rip It Energy Drinks

    Seeing this post made me laugh, then I returned to the wild rush of my Rip It Power. Crushing the empty can with the power if a thousand suns, I tossed it to the side returned to preparing my turret for the today's mission. Thanks for this, 10/10 for realism.