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  1. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    I say let the trolls do their thing during the staging period, it will just be weening them out and banning them before the real match.
  2. saving private batman

    old meme i know
  3. I just watched some Squad videos that are a few years old to see how far the game has come. This made me appreciate the game in its current state even more, but what are with the sounds? I'm no audio expert, but comparing to guns in the range, they sound WAAAAAAAAYYY better in this super old version of Squad than they do now. Are the current gun sounds just place holders till you get a chance to completely overhaul it like animations?
  4. Animation System Update

    Saw this as a steam notification and thought it was 10.0 being released... All well, thanks for the dev update!!!!!!
  5. I don't think this game is difficult at all, but I do think having some type of tutorial in either the near or distant future wouldn't be a bad idea to reduce clueless players on the battlefield.
  6. It would be great if they added a dynamic tutorial in the range, but that can take awhile depending how in-depth the want to go with it. Thinking right now, the easiest thing for OWI to add right now is having the inability for a new player to join a server till they have done certain things in the range. For example: A new player loads up squad for the first time, and the player is instantly taken to the training range. That player won't have the ability to leave the range till the player has completed certain tasks. These tasks should be super simple things like shooting down 5 targets with each type of gun. (LMGS, DMR's, Pistols, ect.) and also doing a staged logi run for a FOB already set up a simi long distance from a base. Once the player completes these things, he will then have the ability to join a server. However, he won't have the ability to be Squad leader or create a squad. If the player had interest in doing these things, he could then go back to the range, and do more checklist type tutorials in the range dedicated to the Squad leader class. There, he could be told to simply station a FOB by opening the Squad menu, and build sandbags around it. Once completing all of this, he could then have the ability to be Squad lead. The only problem with this, many players could instantly be turned off by the game by how complex it seems to be. (or god forbid the game glitches, and doesn't let the player leave the range no matter what). No matter what, I personally think Squad needs something like this.
  7. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    Agreed, This needs to be implemented eventually. More than once, I've had an RPG in my hands when I've entered a Humvee and we get ambushed by enemies. Would be useful to have the ability to switch to my riffle from the comfort of a armored humvee instead having to leave the vehicle first, and then go through the long animation of switching from RPG to gun.
  8. I agree that we need a dynamic tutorial in the range, but lets not entirely blame it on OWI. When I was a noob, I knew the game was super hardcore, and I refused to jump in a game till I actually knew how s**t worked. If you are stupid enough to jump in a match instead of going to the range first or watching a tutorial, its your own fault for being a liability. Its common sense not to do that. Besides, I don't think OWI should worry about new tutorials yet. Many community members have already created great tutorials on YT, I say we should let OWI work on more important things. EDIT: I'm not as big of an a*****e as I seem, I will help someone who doesn't understand little things like "How do you zoom in on the BTR gun?". However, its unacceptable to willing choose Squad lead, and not know how to even access the menu . If that happens, someone in the squad just needs to politely ask the dude to give Squad lead to someone else.
  9. Squad PSA || Turn It Down.

    Squad PSA || Turn It Down. I was bored, will probably make more. Give me suggestions and ideas on the next one!
  10. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    bump (this works great for 10 series cards also!!) I now get 60FPS+ in all matches.
  11. Squad launcher not working

    Thank you, it has been fixed!
  12. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    I think we are going to have to wait for a update, there doesn't seem to be much anyone can do.
  13. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    Yeah, I have same problem. Goes away in same amount of time as you said.
  14. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    If I go into the files, I'm still able to launch from using the squad.exe file, but I can't play in servers because anticheat is disabled.